Mema and Joan left this morning to head back to Atlanta. It was good having them here and really nice of them to come visit and keep us company after the surgery!

On Friday we went back in to see Dr. Rapp on our scheduled followup to the surgery. We told him that I was still bleeding from the fall on Wednesday and he took the bandages off and had a look. He said that the place where he put the stitches on Wednesday looked great and the skin had actually already healed over, but the other areas weren’t doing quite so well. He ended up putting in more stitches in several areas across the bottom that he hoped would stop the bleeding. After that was taken care of, he told us that they had received the pathology report from my leg and that it was very good! A pathology report is “a document that contains the diagnosis determined by examining cells and tissues under a microscope.”

There were 3 areas on my report that specifically jumped out as great news:
1) The first was that my tumor was determined to be 80% necrotic. Necrotic tissue is dead tissue. This means that the chemotherapy did a great job, and killed 80% of the tumor cells in my leg. This is also good news because it means that if there are any rogue cells anywhere else in my body, they will have most likely been affected/killed as well!
2) There was absolutely no lymph node involvement. Lymph nodes behind the knee drain the lower leg and prevent swelling. It is not uncommon for cancerous sarcoma cells to spread through the lymph nodes. The fact that there were no cancer cells found in my lymph nodes is great news and means that no cancer cells spread to other areas of my body through my lymph nodes, giving a much more positive long term prognosis.
3) The margin was listed as being 17cm. We believe that this means there were 17cm’s between where we amputated and where the closest live tumor cell was. A good margin is 2cm. 17cm is incredible! Talk about having no risk that the cancer will recur in my leg!

All of this is great news and points to me officially being cancer free as of last Thursday, February 24th, 2011!!!

We are still going to do 2 more rounds of chemo to ensure that if there are any rogue cells out there, we have done everything we can do to kill them. And we won’t really know if I am cancer free for another 6-10 years, but we are eternally grateful for these test results, and I want to thank everyone who has been praying so diligently throughout all of this!

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  1. Paula Parris says:

    What great news! Now to get through those last rounds of chemo.

  2. Brucerugby79 says:

    All of this sounds like best possible news–now for some planning -do you usually meet your Dad for a Wake Forest game in the Fall?It is my hope and prayer that at some point you will and give me that chance to put you on an awesome Ribeye and maybe a tour of the farm if you have time.May our loving heavenly father continue to shower you with his Grace.It has been a great experiance for me to walk with you thru this battle.
    your friend in Christ
    Bruce Lauriault

  3. Don Smith says:

    Dear Rob, If you have to look at a pathology report, this is certainly the type of results you want to see. We are all praying that these next rounds of chemo will be mild in their side effects, but incredible in their effectiveness!! Your battle is both an inspiration to us all and a great testimony to the power of your faith. May the Lord continue to strengthen you and your Dad and Mom in the challenges that lie ahead. Our prayers, and those of our church, will continue.

    Your brother in Christ,
    Don Smith

  4. peggy redfern says:

    Yay for the good report!
    You’re on the homestretch, Rob.

  5. Patton says:

    Congratulations on the good news!

  6. Zona Trahan says:

    WooHoo!!!! Those are two very wonderful words – CANCER FREE!!!

    On Saturday night I attended the Houston EWGA (Executive Women’s Golf Association) Chapter kickoff. We had a guest speaker, Stacy Lewis, from the LPGA. Stacy is only in her 3rd year on the LPGA and is doing excellent. She told us the story of her battle with scoliosis and what it meant to her golf. Apparently after signing a full ride scholarship to University of Arkansas, she learned she would have to have some major surgery for her scoliosis resulting in 6 months of upper-body cast, redshirt, etc. She wasn’t sure she would be able to play golf any longer. She had been using the same doctor for many year, one who was not a golfer. Turns out he got invited to a golf event and decided to attend. This event included teaching the participants the golf swing, etc. After going to that he asked Stacy if she meant for golf to be her life work. She said “I don’t know about my life work, but it is the tool that is going to pay for my education.” So the doctor said, “in that case, we need to do this surgery a bit differently so that you can continue to play golf.” Stacy calls that her divine intervention and knows God had a hand in it. She also knows it was her calling to be a spokes person for scoliosis and how it has not effected her life’s work.

    The entire time she was speaking I was thinking of you and wondering what God is calling you to do as a result of all this. Maybe it’s to write a book, maybe it was more simple and was just because someone(s) reading your blog needed perspective on life and happiness, or maybe it’s …..

    Rob, I know we all keep typing it, but don’t read lightly just because it’s been said so often. You are truly an inspiration, and I am so happy I had the opportunity to participate in your journey through your writing. Thank you!!!

  7. Debbie Carozza says:

    Rob, that’s wonderful news!!

  8. angela says:

    woo hoo! congratulations, rob! You rock.

  9. janie redfearn morris says:

    Awesome news!!!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!! So thankful. Hang in there with these last chemo treatments. Hope they are not the two day regimen, but the longer variety. I’m just not wanting you to have to suffer being so sick again. It will be what it will be, just will be so glad when you are FINALLY finished with the poison treatment!!!!! Continued prayers and all our love. GOD bless. Janie

  10. Rebecca Cullers says:


  11. jarret wade says:

    Praising God man! This was awesome to read! Bring on the steaks lol!

  12. Norma Dagley says:

    Rob, I continue to be amazed and impressed with your faith and trust in our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ!! I know He has great plans for your future. You have been faithful and He will reward you!!
    Norma Dagley

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