Settling Into the Routine

Yesterday I woke up and played the ukulele a little bit before a nurse dropped by for a home visit to check up and see how everything was going. She seemed happy with my attitude and ability to administer the blood thinning shot that I give myself each day (yes, I give myself a shot in the stomach each morning around 10am. I got over my fear of needles a while ago, but this definitely takes it to a whole new level!). She checked my vitals and said everything looked good to her, so that would be the only home visit she would do, but that I would be hearing from the physical therapist who would be coming by soon.

The physical therapist came by around noon. He was happy with my balance and ability to use my crutches, and started me on some exercises to strengthen my left leg as well as working out the remainder of my right leg. He said that these right leg exercises help to reduce the swelling, which is expectedly very large right now, and also increase strength for when I ultimately get my prosthesis.

After he left LeeAnne and I ate some leftover banana pudding for lunch. This was left over from my dad’s birthday, and if any of you have not had the banana pudding made from scratch that is on the side of the Nilla Wafers box, with the home made custard, meringue topping and everything, you honestly haven’t lived! The only variation you should make to the recipe is to double the custard, because it all absorbs into the Nilla Wafers, causing a gooey deliciousness that is indescribably amazing! I am sure some of you think I am over selling this desert, but trust me, I am not even beginning to do it justice!

We hung out with Ashley for her final few hours, joking around and enjoying each others company until it was finally time for her to go. My mom had to go mail some things, and so she, LeeAnne and I all walked Ashley down to the elevators. I decided to “run” down the hallway, just joking around and having fun, and double timed it down the hall on my crutches while my mom was urgently telling me to slow down before I hurt myself! I made it down to the end of the hall just fine and we all waited for the elevator together.

As we waited, I all of a sudden felt my stomach kind of turn over. Right as the elevator arrived I said “I think I’m going to be sick.” They all kind of looked at me, and Ashley gave me a hug and a kiss and we said goodbye. Come to find out, none of them had heard my pronouncement. She and my mom got on the elevator and left. LeeAnne and I started back down the hall and so I repeated what I had said and told LeeAnne to hurry and find a trash can. She rushed down the hall, and I made it to the door right as Mema was opening it for me again. I was able to just make it to my bathroom before my prediction proved to be all too true! The delicious and nourishing lunch LeeAnne and I had enjoyed proved not to sit too well after a little jog down the hallway. I’ve decided that it was probably just a reaction to the choice of food before exercising, and not the fact that I was running or pushing myself too hard too fast that led to this result, but there has been some debate about that.

I took it pretty easy for the rest of the afternoon, and watched the Baylor Bears fail miserably in the turnover fest that Oklahoma State fans refer to as a basketball game. My physical therapist comes back again at noon today to do some more exercises and make sure I am making progress and not being too lazy. Hopefully we will also be able to get some pads for my crutches handles today too… They are starting to make my hands a little bit sore. I think I’ve learned my lesson, so hopefully I won’t push myself over the limit today!

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2 Responses to Settling Into the Routine

  1. Robert James says:

    Of all the excellent pictures that you have taken, the picture of the banana pudding may be your best to date!

  2. Catharine says:

    Banana pudding is the best medicine, seriously. I’m in awe of you Rob, you have been a serious badass through all this.

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