Home Sweet Home

It’s good to be home and out of the hospital, although my days and nights are still completely reversed! Yesterday I woke up at around 5am and couldn’t get back to sleep until that night, barring random catnaps throughout the day.

Yesterday was my first full day home from the hospital and it was also my dad’s birthday! I wasn’t able to do too much beyond wish him a happy birthday, as I have been kind of tied up for the past few days, but I was just happy that I was home for it and he didn’t have to spend it down at the NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases!

I have always cherished my relationship with my dad. I look up to him and he has been a strong influence in my life. His loving marriage with my mom has been a true example of what I want to have. His ability to balance his business achievements with a strong family life is something that I can only hope to emulate. He traveled a lot when I was growing up, and yet he somehow always managed to coach our little league teams and be at most every practice and game. As a kid I could never understand how he could fall asleep so fast when he would sit down in front of the TV at night, but looking back at it now, I can’t understand how he even had the energy to turn the TV on! He has truly been a great example to my brother, sister and me in all aspects of our lives. This shining example of love and sacrifice has only been made more apparent through his actions as I have faced this most recent struggle in my life.

Upon being diagnosed with a Monophasic Synovial Sarcoma, my dad was immediately on the phone, putting out a search for the best doctor in the world for this rare disease. When that doctor turned out to be in New York City, he and my mom didn’t hesitate in getting an apartment and moving here with me. The selflessness of their actions and dedication to family is something that I know I will never forget. I think the way I feel truly blessed is that I never had a doubt that this would be what they would do. There was never a question in my mind of if they would be with me, supporting me through everything. The way that they drop everything to help a loved one in need is something that I have come to realize not everyone has, and I know that I am truly lucky to be raised by such wonderful people.

Happy birthday Dad!!!

On a different note, recovery is still going well. I am still in a good amount of pain, but am able to handle it better each day and have an in-home physical therapist coming to work with me today. I get pretty exhausted going around the apartment on my crutches, but the weird part is my left leg holds up fine but my right leg feels like it just ran a marathon!

When they amputate, they cut the bone and then pull some muscle and skin around the bottom of the bone before sewing it up, which provides padding. My theory is that holding the remaining leg straight down as I move stretches out the muscles that are pulled across the bottom of the bone, which results in making me feel like I have really been working that leg out when I have been moving around for a while.

Today is Ashley’s last day here in NYC. It has been truly incredible having her up here through all of this. I am really thankful that the surgery ended up getting pushed back from when we originally thought it would be because we got to spend a lot of time running around the city and getting to do some cool stuff before the surgery laid me up. By staying through the weekend she was able to be here through the hospital time and see the drastic improvements I have made in being able to move around on crutches, which I am glad for. I wish she could stay longer, but am glad for the time we have been able to have none the less!

One final thing I thought I would share is a picture of my new Ukulele! I got this about a month ago and have had a lot of fun playing around with it. I used to play the guitar, but have had a tough time getting it out of Dallas because of its size, so this seemed to be a great solution! I took a short recording of me strumming it this morning. It has a really sweet sound. Click HERE to hear it.

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4 Responses to Home Sweet Home

  1. Paula Parris says:

    Glad to hear how well you’re doing and about the progress on that hard physical therapy work. We’re thanking God for your father today and for all of your other family members who have given and will continue to give you the support you need as you recover from your surgery. You are an inspiration to many!

  2. Peggy Guthrie says:

    Rob, M.D. can identify with your step-climbing-with-crutches exercise. I recognized the steps from his joint camp when he had a knee replacement. He was shamed by an 80-something-year-old man on his fourth replacement and had to come back the next day to regain his reputation! What I saw him go through with knee replacement makes me extra thankful for your attitude and progress. You have my prayers day-by-day.

    On another note, Daddy has a ukulele that he was given by his mom and my mom about 63 years ago. He still plays it and it has a great mellow sound. I grew up with serenades and sweet strumming sounds of songs like The Banana Boat Song and Take Me Back to My Boots and Saddle (not sure these are the official titles).

    Tell Jim a belated Happy Birthday. I agree with your accolades of your fine parents. My eyes leaked.

  3. Jim and Heather Stancil says:

    Hahaha. “laid me up”???? I don’t know many people who would casually refer to what you’ve been through as merely laid up… Your attitude and lack of self-pity are truly inspiring though rest-assured that we are all aware of how hard, painful, and rigorous your recovery and treatment is and will be for a while. All the more reason for our admiration for such an incredible young man and his family.
    And do you take requests? Your clip reminds me of that great ukelele rendition of “Somewhere over the Rainbow” by …well, I’ll just give you the link:


    Here’s another link I found when looking it up:


    So glad you are back home, Rob.

  4. peggy redfern says:

    When I read what you said about your parents, my eyes filled with tears.
    They’re the greatest and it’s sweet to hear you speak about them so lovingly.

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