Up and Moving

Yesterday I got out of bed for the first time and, despite being brightly branded as a FALL RISK, did very well! The first time up with the physical therapist I used a walker and was able to walk about 20 yards down a hallway, turn and come back. It wasn’t too difficult, but I definitely see why they want someone here with you when you are starting out. Even though you are fully aware that your leg is gone, it still feels like it is there and you can support yourself with it! The physical therapist was impressed with what I was able to do my first time out of bed and said I was well beyond where he was hoping I would be, which was good news.

The only blip from this first round of walking was the pain was pretty excruciating. They took my blood pressure after I got back and was sitting in a chair in my room and it was something like 190/110! I have never seen the bottom number get up to 90 before, let alone break 100! I got back in bed after that and sat there for a minute before throwing up in the nausea bucket. I’m not sure if the nausea was caused from the stress of walking or from the pain meds, but I felt a lot better afterwards.

Later the occupational therapist came by and watched me walk with the walker and said she was happy with my progress so far as well. After that the physical therapist came by one more time with forearm crutches for me to try. I did ok with them, but they were significantly more difficult than moving with the walker. I think regular crutches would be easier than the forearm ones and we might give those a try today.

I am sharing a room with a guy from Staten Island who had a knee replacement and we’ve gotten along well. We had the curtains open and everyone talking across groups which was fun. Apparently we had 17 people hanging out in the room at one point, all laughing and having a good time.

Dr. Rapp’s resident came by at 6am this morning and woke me up to ask how physical therapy went yesterday and if I thought I was ready to go home today. Needless to say, I was pretty groggy. I told him let’s see how it goes today and decide after that. I don’t want to push myself too hard and throw up everywhere if that was the cause of my sickness yesterday! Either way I don’t expect I’ll be in the hospital longer than tomorrow at the latest.

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  1. Keith and Lena says:

    Hi Rob,
    Please know how many people your life,the way you address what some see as an impossible situation, that God is using this to break open hearts that have not known him.Is there a greater honor that through your pain, anguish, your unwaivering love of him, that we see in you something so amazing, so undeniable that God opens hearts to a much larger picture. Could he have done this another way, to be honest I still ask myself this question, as you know my son Kris was killed recently, so yes my humanity runs smack into my spirit. Truth is in this life we will have adversity. Please know today, although we can’t be with you, that you are so in our thoughts and prayers and that we love you………………………..Keith and Lena

  2. Lisa Donofrio says:

    I’m Lisa’s mom, Christina, and I wanted to write yesterday but couldn’t figure out what words could express my feelings. Lisa’s operations were different, she didn’t lose a physical part of her body, altho she no longer has use of her hand since 2003, and she must wear a brace to do the slight bit of walking she does. Her sister and I were so inspired by your words and outlook that we began a blog on Friday, February 25th
    maybe we could see you at the Fifth Ave Church before you return to Atlanta.
    We are all praying for you!

  3. Erin Shirk says:

    yay OT :)

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