Super Bowl, Scans and Surgeons

Today is Super Bowl Sunday and we are gearing up for a great game tonight! We are sipping on some Blue Moons while 4 lbs of baby back ribs cook in the slow cooker and my mom makes some home made queso. Super Bowl Sunday is always a great excuse to cook some incredible food and hang out with family and friends. The food stats for today are unreal. It is the second largest food consumption day in America, after Thanksgiving. I saw on a news broadcast this morning that Papa Johns expects to deliver over 1,000,000 pizzas today. Unbelievable.

On Thursday I had another PET Scan done and it came back saying that the malignancy of my tumor has been cut in half again and is down from an 8 to a 4 at the hottest point. It’s good news, but doesn’t really change anything as far as the surgery goes, because we still don’t have any real margins to work with to make limb salvage seem safe, so I think we will probably move forward with the amputation. We are going to talk to Dr. Rosen on Monday and make our final decision about the surgeon we will use and then go ahead and schedule the surgery in about 2 weeks to give my counts time to stabilize after this last round of chemo.

We met with one final surgeon on Friday and he seemed very good. We had to venture into Brooklyn to meet with him though, which was a good 35 minute cab ride (and a subway ride back). He seemed to think that there wouldn’t be enough good tissue to make a knee disarticulation possible, and we would have to do an above knee amputation. That might be the case, but I’m still hoping we can make the knee disarticulation work! I don’t know that it will make a huge difference, but I’ve got my heart set on it. I guess we’ll just play it by ear. If we can’t get the margins we need then obviously I’ll just tell them to do what they need to do. There isn’t any point in amputating and still leaving a chance for the cancer to recur locally!

On a different note, my regular nurse at the Cancer Center is named Sarah and she is an incredible person and has been a great help to us during everything we have been going through. She is getting married soon and is trying to win some free invitations for her wedding in a contest that a company is running on Facebook. To win she needs votes and I told her I would post on here to see if we can drum up some support! You need a facebook account to vote, so if you are on facebook, please go to this link:
You have to “Like” the facebook page (click on the Thumbs Up, “Like” button at the top of the page) and then go down to Sarah and Raz on the facebook wall and “Like” the post about them. The picture that I have posted right here is their picture on there, so just look for that. Whoever has the most “Like” votes at the end of the contest wins free wedding invitations from the company. Hopefully we can help get her in contention!

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and has a great Super Bowl Sunday. Go Packers!

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12 Responses to Super Bowl, Scans and Surgeons

  1. Brucerugby79 says:

    you got your heart set on it thats what i am praying for—Packers won a classic-as a Bulldog I am a sucker for that G on helmet–Rob regardless of what they tell you -you keep that attitude where it has been–I have no doubt-God has big plans for you–that Ribeye at willows they call Arizona sunset because of all the marbling-even if you don’t come for WAKE game my wife works for US AIR we will get you and girlfriend here and show you a good time–stay positive my young warrior

  2. paulamc says:

    What a great description of you from Bruce…a young warrior. Will be praying for all of your decisions, take them one at a time.

  3. peggy redfern says:

    Glad to hear you were pulling for the Packers! I’ve been a big fan for many years, been to a game at Lambeau.

    Sounds like your appetite has come back, that’s great.

    I’ll vote for your nurse right now.

    Sending love your way,

  4. Carol Hoover says:

    Hey, Rob. We prayed for you at choir Wed night. After rehearsal we have a prayer time and when it was time to share requests the first thing out of people’s mouths was, “How’s Rob?” These folks love your Aunt Joan and Mema! Know that we love you and are still praying for you, your family and all those to adminster care to you.

  5. penny redfern says:

    Just voted for your nurse. Hope she wins! And I send blessings for the knee disarticulation surgery. Much love, Penny

  6. Zona Trahan says:

    Still thinking of you each day and saying prayers multiple times a day.

  7. Julie, John, and Jackson says:

    You are in our thoughts and prayers and we think of you often. You are so incredible and have the best attitude of anyone I have ever known with similar challenges. Hurry up and get better…it is starting to get warmer this week and I am sure the fish are looking for you!

  8. Maria Garza-Lennon says:

    Hi, Rob. It was gorgeous in Houston this weekend so we spent most of our time outside. Being in the nice sun and cleaning out my flowerbeds got me thinking about Spring. To me, Spring is all about hope and new beginnings and so I started thinking about you and other friends who are on the verge of “new beginnings.” I am hoping that you are starting to feel as if you are turning a corner for the better. I recognize that some tough decisions await you and your medical team and I get the sense that whatever you decide, you will completely embrace it and move forward – into Spring and the rest of your life. Lots of prayers coming your way from a little corner in Texas.

  9. rob pat and i are praying for you you have a wonderful attitude and we hope for the best i am a good friend of you mom’s from your signal mountain days i know you all have picked a very competent doctor and he will do what he deems best we love you and hope for goodness for you fondly merri ann st. charles

  10. Carol Hoover says:

    Hey there. Carol again. I wanted to let you know that Chris and I had dinner at Legal Seafood Fri night. It was our second time at this restuarant and the food was so fantastic. I am sure it is not quite the same as eating at the ones in Boston but the view of Centennial Olympic Park and the service made for a great evening. I had snapper and I think Chris had Mahi Mahi. Anyway, when you get home to ATL and need some seafood keep this place in mind.
    I know Jack was sick this weekend. I hope he’s feeling better.
    Our best to you all…
    Carol and Chris

  11. Zona Trahan says:

    Wondering if you are getting to enjoy Watson this week on Jeopardy? OK, I’m officially a geek because I actually shed a bit of a tear when the show first started. It is just so amazing. Rob, I just wanted to check in today and let you know you are in my thoughts each day. I wish there was an algorithm available to sort all the data you have gathered and help you with your decision. I’m certain once you make your decision and put it in God’s hands you will do just as Maria says above.

  12. Michael Cambardella says:

    You’re an inspiration – stay strong, Rob. I’m thinking about you.


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