We rented a car and drove to Boston this week to meet with a couple of surgeons. We got there Tuesday night and stayed in the Cambridge area, next to Harvard. After a great seafood dinner I hobbled around in the freezing cold and got a few shots of Harvard and one of the Boston skyline as the blizzard was starting to roll in. We went to bed before the snow started and woke up to a very different view the next morning! The city was covered and pretty much shut down for the day, but our doctors appointment was still on. Despite most everyone staying home and the city shutting down, the roads were pretty clear. They were much better prepared than New York was when the blizzard hit here right after Christmas.

The meeting that day was with a former surgeon who has retired, but still does consultations. After the appointment we drove around in the snow for a little bit and looked at the city. We stopped for an early dinner at Atlantic Fish Co. It was delicious! Great clam chowder and I had the Sea Bass with Lobster Ravioli, which was incredible. The wind had picked up at this point and it was bitterly cold outside with that added element.

After dinner we were driving around and ended up stopping at Boston Commons to take a few pictures. All the snow made everything incredibly pretty and Ashley and I had fun getting a few shots, despite the cold! We had another appointment with a surgeon the next day and afterwards headed on back to NYC. On our way back we stopped off in Wilton, Connecticut, where we lived when I was in 3rd-5th grades. It was the first time I’ve been back there since we moved, and it was a lot of fun to see it again!

Paul Revere statue in Boston Commons

We have a few more meetings with surgeons set up here in New York for this coming week and after that I guess we’ll get the ball rolling on the surgery. We still have to make a decision between trying a limb saving surgery or amputation, so please pray that we make the right decision and the right path is made clear. It’s a tough decision and we really aren’t sure which one is right at this point. There are good cases for both.

Here are a few more pictures I took while we were there!

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  1. Judy says:

    So glad you’re feeling better and your appetite is back! And I so admire your photography, Rob! I think you should make a book out of your story and your amazing pictures!
    Praying for wisdom for the docs and your complete and total healing! May you feel His presence and loving touch each and every day!

    • Tanya cook says:

      Photography is just fab! Really enjoy seeing it when u log on. Is the contest over? I am sure you did well!
      Praying for clarity in your decisions to come!

  2. Brucerugby79 says:

    Awesome pictures Rob you are loaded with talent-My prayers are as I said before for the best decision–But brother I realize the situation of course you want to save your leg but in a sense you are rolling the dice going that route-my prayer warriors will not cease till you are safe one way or another-thanks for the updates-I’ll let everybody know tomorrow.
    Uncle Bruce

  3. Lifting you up. Rob, in many ways I have sat right where you are at this very minute… praying for guidance and having to make a really tough decision. It’s scary what we are going through and these decisions are like no other we have had to make in our lifetime. My heart is truly with you, as I sit here reading your post I can feel that pit-in-your stomach feeling over what to do… I remember those moments very well.

    So pray, ask for peace and guidance – and make sure you put all your trust in the Lord. Make your decision and then lay it all at His feet – let Him know it is in His hands.

  4. peggy redfern says:

    Beautiful photos, as always.

    Seems like the amputation route would be the surest way to put the cancer completely behind you. I’d hate to see you go through all this again.

    Praying for clarity!

    love you, Peggy

  5. Jessica Jennings says:

    You have turned me into a true blog stalker :)
    Love your entries and YOU! Praying for wisdom and guidance for you, your parents and all the consulting surgeons. I know the Lord will bless you and your family for continuing to seek His will.
    miss you!

  6. Brucerugby79 says:

    Hey ROB,
    Just checking in-The snow in your pictures is so pretty but I think everyone in the south is tired of ice and cold.Even here in Winston-Salem it is dreary and not much to do at the Farm I work at.Hey just want you to know I am thinking about you everywhere I go.
    Bruce Lauriault

  7. Patton Smith says:

    Great shots man. Atlanta is still emerging from “The Lost Week” ourselves … Hope all goes well in your meetings, I know the decision will be tough. Thinking of ya man!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hey Rob, you don’t know me…but I stumbled upon your site…haven’t slept in over 24-hours…tried to bore myself to sleep by reading up on The Creative Circus, Portfolio Center, looking at everyone’s work…..My days of young.

    Saw your site…click here, link here..etc.

    Anyway–thought I’d pass this website along…a fellow sojourner
    andy thieman

    He’s another creative—works at Target (Managing Copywriter at Target).

    Hospitals suck..figured you might find respite from reading his blog…

    Prayer sent your way….

  9. Brent Turnipseede says:

    Teach me how to take pictures like you.

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