Quick Update

Life is pretty uneventful when you are neutropenic in the hospital. I have been confined to my room for the past few days, trying to avoid germs. They hooked me up with the flat screen TV again though, which has been a nice perk.┬áMy leg got pretty nasty over the weekend. I’m not going to put up any pictures for fear of grossing everyone out! It was so burnt on Saturday that I could barely put any weight on it, but I think that was the worst day and I’m able to move around a little bit easier now.

One of the intern doctors just came by and said that my white counts were up to 3.3 and 70% of those are neutrophils, so I am no longer neutropenic which is good news! They said that as long as I don’t run another fever while they observe me today then I should be released around 5 or 6, which means that we can watch the BCS Championship at home tonight! We are going to Boston on Wednesday to have our first consultations with some surgeons that Dr. Rosen has recommended. Hopefully my leg will be mobile enough to be able to do some stuff while we’re up there. This will be the first time I’ve been to Boston.

I hope everyone in Atlanta is staying safe and warm in the snow storm!

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  1. Zona Trahan says:

    Two thoughts on game … first, you have they guy wrapped up in your arms on the ground and he’s not tackled, really? That is begging for a rule review! Second, if my calculations are correct, there are still TWO undefeated teams in America so who is the best?

  2. Carol says:

    Hi Rob! I’ve met you once I think, but I can’t tell you when. I have two teenagers so my mind is not as sharp as it once was! haha! Your aunt Joan is one of my very dear friends and, of course when she told me about your diagnosis, I was right on it with the prayer support! For her too!! I’m praying for continued health, for the continuation of an incredible sense of humor and amazing “fight” attitude, for a quick cure, and it not coming back!
    Keeping you always lifted before God! ,
    Carol Spruill

  3. janie redfearn morris says:

    Rob. SO glad that you are out of hospital. What an ordeal! Your faith and incredible spirit are such an inspiration to me. We are praying for you all as you visit the surgeons in Boston and then New York. Our stormy weather is heading your way. Be safe and careful. Love you all. Janie

  4. Rob, so sorry to read about your rough week. Thinking of you as you fight your way through the chemo and radiation. Stay Strong.

  5. Brucerugby79 says:

    You are awesome just know the prayers from North Carolina never cease.Look forward to the day I get to meet you-don’t respond just know . You know what
    your friend

  6. caryn says:

    So glad you made it out of the hospital, rob! Been thinkin about you. Hope you had a great visit with Ashley, I’m sure it was great to see her. I can attest to the fact that, even under normal circumstances, long distannce stinks! Anyway – hope the surgeon search is going well in Boston. And I hope that cheering on the Falcons this saturday night is on your list of football games to catch!

  7. Sole says:

    I’m a friend of Montye Gardner. I wanted you to know that she passed away on July 5th.

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