Vampiric Tendencies

Being the trendy guy that I am, I have decided to jump on the vampire fad that is so popular these days and start living off the blood of others. My skin is about as white as those guys from the Twilight movies and I am in desperate need of blood!

I’m currently sitting in the Cancer Center waiting for my first blood transfusion. I have been exhausted lately as a result of my low red blood counts, so I am really looking forward to getting a little energy boost. My skin is as white as a sheet and just getting dressed makes me want to lay back down to recover from the effort. On NYE I tried to take some pictures of fireworks and had to sit down halfway through because I was sweating from the effort. It is a weird feeling to say the least! I’ve seen my grandparents get blood transfusions before, and the way they perked back up afterwards is what I’m hoping will happen for me. I am definitely ready to get back to a normal energy level!

This Friday we have our first meeting with a surgeon, so that should be interesting. He is a guy here at the NYU Cancer Center, so we don’t have to vary our routine to meet with him, but we’ll be going out of the network in the next week or two to meet with some other surgeons and get several opinions on the direction we should take with this surgery.

For those of you who might have missed some of the posts over the holidays, these consultations with the surgeons will play a large part in deciding if we will try to save my leg or not. Due to the location and size of the tumor, it might be difficult to ensure that we are able to get every single cell associated with the cancer, and if we don’t get them all then the cancer will recur, and that is not a good thing. With recurrence often comes spreading to the lungs and lowering survival rates. If that is something they are concerned about then amputation might end up being the safest option available. But again, we’ll see what the surgeons think in the upcoming consultations.

That’s about where things are right now! I’ll update later with the results of the transfusion and transformation into a full-fledged vampire.

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3 Responses to Vampiric Tendencies

  1. Laura Fermanian says:

    Sending our thoughts and prayers to you in NY.. We continue to pray hard for you. I hope you enjoyed the Christmas card, next year I am definitely going with your idea of Chris on Santas lap. I am glad you are on Team Edward with me..Chris is all about Team Jacob :) God bless- Laura

  2. Maria Garza says:

    Hi, Rob.
    As I reflected on the immense decision in front of you, your family and your surgeons, I thought of the Fisherman’s Prayer. It’s a small prayer that I utter under my breath when the situation in front of me seems vast. I love it because it’s a humble prayer and reminds me that no matter how large the ocean of my situation, my God is bigger.

    Fisherman’s Prayer
    Dear God, be good to me; the sea is so wide, and my boat is so small… AMEN

    Stay positive, Rob. Maintain that God has destined you to beat cancer and that he will guide you in making the right decisions to support the destiny that he has planned for you.

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