Bring on the New Year!

Happy New Year!!!! I hope that this finds everyone surrounded by family and friends, watching Alabama trounce Michigan State in the Capital One Bowl! Haha. Hopefully TCU – Wisconsin will be more of a contest. My girlfriend Ashley is here now, along with LeeAnne and her friend Devon. We’ve had a revolving door of visitors and have enjoyed having the opportunity for everyone to come visit!

We have had a fairly relaxing last few days as I have been recovering from this 3rd round of chemo. Despite being the quickest infusion period, this round has packed a serious punch! I would say it has been the worst of the bunch so far. Thankfully I have been able to keep most everything down due to the nausea pills, but it hasn’t been an easy task. One thing that I have found interesting is that apparently my sense of smell has become much more sensitive. Smells can make you feel queasy and have to get out of the room in quick order. Another side effect is a “tinny” quality to my hearing, as well as a ringing in my ears. We were warned this could be a side effect, so it wasn’t a surprise, but is still a weird sensation to always have.

The biggest blessing I had for the New Years (besides being able to spend it with Ashley and my parents) was that my 4-day bout with the hiccups stopped the day before! Hiccups are annoying under any circumstances, but 4 days! They had become debilitating! I ran into another one of Dr. Rosen’s patients on Thursday morning and he had said that he was trying to get my attention the night before, but I was over by the elevator hiccuping and I couldn’t hear him! It was pretty miserable, I’m not going to lie. We had started out trying various medicines to get rid of them, but to no avail. Finally we moved on to the classic remedies. The ones you’ve done since middle school. And of course my old college failsafe came back to save the day, yet once again! The best way I have ever found to get rid of hiccups is to take a sugar packet, open up one end and toss it back like you are taking a shot. Works like a charm! If one doesn’t do the trick, give it a minute and to it again. I’ve never had this technique fail. I just hope that if I ever get them again it doesn’t take me so long to remember!

That picture up at the top of the post is one I snapped out of our window last night as people celebrated the start of the New Year. I wish I had been well enough to get up to the roof, but there’s always plenty of great fireworks opportunities, so no big deal!

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7 Responses to Bring on the New Year!

  1. janie redfearn morris says:

    Rob. Happy New Year!!!! So glad that you are feeling a little bit better now. Hang in there. Hope these side effects go away soon. Take care, and GOD bless. Janie

  2. Peggy Redfern says:

    So glad to hear you’ve got Ashley with you! That’s wonderful.

    I’ll remember the sugar packet technique. Never heard of it before.

    Just gave you 5 stars!

    You’re doing great, Rob. Keep it up!

  3. john hawkins says:

    Hey Rob, The Hawkins family is and will continue to pray for your complete healing. Your attitude and faith that you have displayed to all who are following your blog is absolutely amazing!!!!. Wo all look forward to knowing that you are back in Atlanta and living your life!!!! John Hawkins

  4. Matt Jones says:

    Hey Rob, my parents are Steve and Kathy Jones. Our parents are pretty good friends from college. Dad and Mom have talked about your parents numerous times. They sent me the link to your blog a while ago. It’s encouraging to read your writing and continually be updated. Just thought I’d write and say how encouraging it has been to see the process you’ve been going through and your positive outlook on it! Praying that all goes well and that God strengthens you and your families faith through everything. God bless.

  5. penny redfern says:

    Hey Rob,
    Happy New Year! Hope you continue to get good news. Your photos of NYC look amazing…Keep up the good work!
    Much love,

  6. Roy Trimble says:

    Hi Rob!
    Tony’s board is right. We miss you too. Everyone’s back from the holiday and it’s buzzing here again. Love your photos. Let us know if there’s anything we can do, even if it’s all going on and voting on photos for a day. We’re here for you.

  7. angela says:

    I’ve never tried the sugar remedy for hicups. What always works for me is swallowing water while bent over. I can’t wait for Brady to be old enough to understand that stuff – he gets the hicups a lot. He can give them to himself, and he usually tries that as a stalling technique at bedtime. He used to get them several times a day when I was pregnant, so maybe he just likes it!

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