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I am FINALLY off the second round of chemo. Due to a slight miscalculation in how much was remaining, I was unhooked today rather than yesterday. We went in this morning and actually sped up the rate of the chemo pump so that it would finish sooner and I could get additional, post-chemo meds today. It is so weird how the faster rate of the chemo being administered can cause such different effects! It almost immediately started making my head loopy and was basically a miniature version of that crazy Tuesday I had.

We finished up the chemo around 11 or 12 and started the Mesna, which took until about 5. Mesna coats the bladder so that the chemo doesn’t irritate it, which it can tend to do. After the Mesna finished we went downstairs and got my radiation.

It is pretty great to no longer be connected to the blue bag that has been my constant companion for the past 16 days! Every time I go to change locations I start looking around for it and am pleasantly surprised not to find it next to me. Of course, after wearing it for 16 days, I finally had a near miss on an incident last night. The way the bag works is that it contains the chemo and pump and then a small tube comes out a hole and connects to my medi port, under my shirt, in the right side of my chest. The medi port is surgically installed in my chest and is accessed by these IV-type needles with hoses attached to them, which then hook up to the hose pumping the chemo (or whatever other meds you need).

Last night as I was getting out of the cab at our apartment, after a long day at the NYU Cancer Center, the slack in my tubing got caught in the space between the base of the seat and the back. Not realizing this, I stepped out of the cab and took a big, quick step away from the door. OUCH! I was yanked backwards and felt like I had ripped out the needle accessing my medi port! I freed up the tubing and hurried inside where I confirmed that it had pulled out a tiny bit, but I was able to push it back in without a problem. Thankfully it hadn’t pulled completely¬†out, or we would have had a mess on our hands! Two chemo spills in two treatments isn’t exactly the track record I am looking for!

But back to today. While we were getting everything finished up at the cancer center, my sister LeeAnne, Aunt Joan and Mema all arrived! It is great to finally have them all here! Joan and Mema drove up from Atlanta, stopping in Virginia last night, and LeeAnne flew in from Dallas. We had a good time catching up in person and had a nice dinner. THEN we had some of Mema’s incredible chocolate cake for desert! It is 12 layers of deliciousness and definitely lived up to our undying love for this recipe! She has been making it for our birthdays for years, and it has always been a special cake to us, so it was fun to have tonight to celebrate their arrival!

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  1. Robley Shirey says:

    Hooray!! One milestone down! The cake looks amazing and knowing who the baker is I know that it is as good as it looks. Enjoy your time together and love to all.

  2. peggy redfern says:

    That cake looks awesome!! I’m sure it’s nice to have more family around.

    I just messed up on my voting, I hit the first star, thinking I had to click on each of
    the 5 stars, and it misunderstood and said I voted “fair”, one star. I tried to go back
    and it wouldn’t let me. Sorry about that. I’ll be more careful tomorrow!

    • Ashley says:

      Peggy, I did the same thing…a week ago. I don’t think Rob is ever going to let me live it down haha! I’ve made up for it by voting from different locations on my phone each day! I’ll vote a couple extra times for you : )

  3. Zona Trahan says:

    Wow, get me one of those cakes and I’ll take the next round of chemo for you! I keep voting and have sent to many friends. Fortunately our IBM machines have Firefox, Explorer and the Lotus Notes browser so I get to vote 4 time (my phone too) each day. Not exactly sure how I justify it as IBM business use but I’m a pretty good sales person, I’ll come up with something.

    I know Serendipity is “touristy” since the movie that made it famous (don’t remember the name) but you really should try the Frozen Hot Chocolate there!!!

  4. Carol Hoover says:

    Know that your Mema loves making that cake for you as much as you love eating it!! I am so proud of you and so appreciative of your faithfulness in keeping up your blog. I read your entries over and over. I had to call Joan yesterday for a rug consult. She is my go-to-gal for all things concerning shopping in Atlanta (even when she is in the Big Apple!!). I was at Lenbrook the other day and things are hopping there. They are decked out for the holidays and everyone was in such a good mood. I am busy trying to finish up a needlepoint pillow for my brother for Christmas. It features the silhouettes of his two dogs, a black lab and a golden retriever. I think of your Scout so often while I stitch. I’ll send you a picture when I finish. Enjoy these special days together. We love you and pray for you many times each day!! Stay strong and fight hard.
    Carol and Chris

  5. Carol Hoover says:

    Oh…one more thing…and we vote daily, too!!
    C. Hoo

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