This is the second bag of chemo, for the second half of this round. Next to it is the pump. This is what is inside the super cool blue bag I wear everywhere I go.

Today marks the halfway point of my second round of chemo. It was also the first day I have gotten sick in the doctors office. Last night I was watching a movie and didn’t realize that it had gotten to be so late, so I took a couple of Ativan (sleep inducing anti-nausea pills) and went to bed. Having taken them so late, I figured I could skip my morning meds and just get them at the doctors office since we were only about 10 minutes away. Boy was I was wrong! Upon arriving and checking in, I immediately informed the lady behind the desk to alert Sarah (my nurse) to go ahead and call in the nausea meds because I was going to need them quick! Unfortunately they didn’t arrive quick enough, but they weren’t slow. Sarah is great about paying attention and getting stuff done quickly. Her only drawback is that she has Fridays and Mondays off. I’ve tried to convince her to come in and just help me on those days, but apparently she feels some need to have a life beyond the Cancer Center. I just call that lack of commitment. Haha. But in all seriousness, she is great and we miss her when she is off on those days.

Once we got the anti-nausea meds up and running I rebounded fairly quickly and felt much better for the rest of the day, but it was a definitely a bumpy start. I guess they really do tell you to take those pills for a reason!

After that little fiasco I had my radiation treatment and then my mom and I went to B&H Photo on 9th Ave and 34th street. If you are into photography, I highly suggest dropping by! It was amazing. Two stories, crammed to the gills with every piece of equipment you could ever hope for. I basically just walked around and drooled for 2 and a half hours. We were looking for tripods and found some great ones. I’m going to shop it around a bit, but I think I’ve settled on getting a Gitzo and am extremely excited! I can’t wait to get out there and start doing my architectural night shots!

But speaking of that… I might have to put my excursions into the city on a brief hiatus until after this round of chemo wraps up. I was informed today that my blood counts are not as high as they were hoping they would be at this point. As a result we have to go in for daily blood draws so they can monitor everything more closely. It’s not really much of a hassle because I have to go down there every day for radiation anyway. Well, except for the weekends. But oh well!

Hopefully the rest of this round will go as smoothly as the first half. Bring on day nine!

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  1. janie redfearn morris says:

    Rob. SO sorry that you had to learn that about the anti nausea meds THAT way!!! At least you will know from now on!!! One thing’s for sure. I am very thankful that they have the anti nausea medicine for you to take!!!! Hope today is better, and we will pray that your blood levels get better REAL soon. Love you. Janie

  2. Heather Stancil says:

    Rob, I have never been to that store in person but I have bought every camera, computer, hard drive, monitor, tv, etc. online from there for years. I have never had a bad experience with this store. I don’t even bother looking anywhere else anymore.
    Glad to hear that the second chemo count-down has begun. Hope your blood counts rebound quickly so that you can spend more time in BH Photo and a lot less making extra trips to the Cancer Center!

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