5th Avenue Presbyterian

Today was a pretty day, but the wind was bitterly cold. My parents and I bundled up and went to hear the service at 5th Avenue Presbyterian. Scott Black Johnston is the Pastor there and was previously the Senior Pastor of Trinity Presbyterian Church in Atlanta. My family has a long history at Trinity and I used to go regularly when he was preaching there.

A little background: My grandfather was one of the founding members of Trinity, and my mom literally grew up in the church. She was both baptised and married there and my Granddad attended until health reasons finally prevented him earlier this year, at the age of 90.

After the service we queued up in the greeting line to speak with Scott Black Johnston. He is a big guy from Austin, Texas and has a very likable personality. When our time came to speak with him, we told him we were from Trinity and that Bob Redfearn was my mom’s father. He immediately began telling us how great my granddad had been to him when he first came to Trinity and proceeded to have a rather long talk with us which ended in him giving us his email address and telling us to get in touch with him.¬†Always great to find some good ole southern hospitality up in NYC!

After church we went to Brooks Brothers and took advantage of the great WPP discount I get there now, and then went to Blackstone’s Pub for lunch. The guy behind the bar is starting to recognize us now. I think he remembers my bald head. Haha. I had the reuben, and will probably not ever get anything else there as a result. It was great!

To top off a nice afternoon, the Cowboys and the Falcons both won! Not a bad Sunday!

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  1. susan wilson says:

    I am addicted to your blogs!! I feel like I am a stalker, but you are so possitive and upbeat. I am a lifelong friend of Jeannine Adams is how I have met you (well almost met). We are sending up prayers daily from down here in South Alabama for you. My sister in law is a survivor of breast cancer. I remember when her hair fell out, my nephew’s reaction was “Good, look Mom, it is working”!! Be proud that it is working and God is also working!! I hope you have a great week!! Oh yea, and in January—root for AUBURN!!!LOL!!!

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