And on the 5th day…

Day 5 in the Creation Story: God created the creatures of the sea. Seeing as today is the day that I am most closely resembling a porpoise, I find that strangely fitting. My beard is gone and the eyebrows are next. They are already easily coming out in my hands, which means that they only have a few days remaining!

I was talking to a couple across from me in the NYU Cancer Center today who have been with Dr. Rosen for a while now.¬†We were discussing Dr. Rosen’s techniques and his aggressive treatment of this disease, which we were both thankful for. Apparently the other doctors who treat sarcomas are only just now agreeing to give half of the ifosfamide (chemo) that he prescribes, a dose that he used to give 15 years ago! Thank God for Dr. Rosen. When we were originally hearing options for treating this, I was told that we would do radiation and possibly some chemo later on. Right now I am doing a double dose of chemo in conjunction with radiation. This is a high grade tumor and I want to hit it hard. Looks like the Lord lined us up with the right guy to do just that!

The couple I talked with also discussed the fact that they had to remove a small amount of his nerve when they removed his sarcoma. His tumor was in the bone, but it was close enough to the nerve that they had had to take a bit of it. He now has to wear a special leg brace/shoe that holds his foot up for a while, because until the nerve grows back he can not lift his left toe. Nerves tend to grow back at about one mm/day. It’s a bit of a process.

Listening to their story really clarifies how big of an issue it could be having my nerve bundle and arteries running right through the middle of my tumor. Dr. Rosen has been up front about the fact that we are not out of the woods on saving my leg, but hopefully that will not be the case. Although those new spring-loaded prostheses are pretty sweet. I’d probably drop a full second in the 40! But then again, it could be awkward only shopping for one shoe… So for now let’s keep praying that the tumor shrinks away from those problem areas.

Tonight we went for a walk down 5th Avenue. I wasn’t feeling spectacular, but I figure it’s nice to get out while I can and while the weather permits! Here are a few pictures from the excursion. Nothing great, but we had a good time! Hope everyone is staying warm!

Day 5 down. Eleven to go.

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7 Responses to And on the 5th day…

  1. Tanya cook says:

    Hey Rob! Not sure if you even remember meeting me at your parents
    home in Plano. I am your Mom n Dad’s friend and interior designer.
    But I would rather you think of me as one of your cheerleaders and prayer
    warrior as you travel this road to “Surviving Sarcoma”!! My Momma
    has survived serious breast cancer and went through chemotherapy and
    radiation as well. NOT a fun adventure but I SOooo admire your spunk
    and determination. Every morning (I am a crazy early riser) I read your
    blog during my quiet time. Love getting news and hearing about the
    process. Prayers are going up buddy. I have several folks at my office
    as well as my Mom and children reading and praying. Funny how God
    engulfs you with all kinds of love and support from folks near and far.

  2. Tanya cook says:

    Keep the pics coming! Forgive typing/spelling errors.:-)

  3. Peggy Redfern says:

    Nice photos, Rob. You have such a good eye!

    I’m so glad Dr. Rosen is being aggressive and that you’re up for whatever it takes.
    It’ll be worth it, I feel certain.

    Still reading your blog every day. I spoke to a friend who had an incredible experience
    and is now able to sense future things. I asked him if there was anything he
    could tell you. He instantly said, “He’s gonna be fine.” There was no hesitation, just absolute certainty. I’ve felt that from day one, but it was nice to hear him say that!!

  4. Julie, John, and Jackson says:

    Hey Rob!
    You rock! we love this Blog…maybe you should go into blogging instead. I have read everything and can’t wait for the next bit of information and the fabulous photographs. You are an inspiration. Seeing pictures of your parents really hits home. You have an incredible family and support system. We are thinking of you often and are praying for you. Write your address in your blog… I must send Christmas cards!

  5. janie redfearn morris says:

    Rob. Again, I am so proud of your courage and amazing attitude fighting this enemy! You are SO right that it is a tremendous blessing that Dr. Rosen is hitting your cancer with such vengeance! I am reading an incredible book, THE EMPEROR OF ALL MALADIES, A BIOGRAPHY OF CANCER, and the more I am learning from reading about it, the more I, too, believe that aggressive is THE way to go!!! SO thankful that you are in the hands of a master and THE MASTER!!!!! All our love and continued prayers. Hang in there, and as always, GOD bless. Janie

  6. Zona Trahan says:

    “Here are a few pictures from the excursion. Nothing great” … are you kidding, you got to see Tiffany turquoise, that may be one of the greatest colors on earth!!!! While I am completely enjoying your blog, your conversations on food are not good for my holiday diet, you are making absolutely everything sound amazing. Feel free to keep an “eat your way through NYC” list. I, for one, would enjoy making that mission.

  7. ada gray says:

    thank you for keeping a blog
    i am praying, praying, praying

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