Eating Tips & Fanny Packs

Fortunately, I am feeling a bit more sane this evening. After my roller coaster ride earlier this week, my feet have been planted firmly on the ground once again. We’ve worked out my drug schedules so I am no longer getting sick like I was yesterday evening, and let me tell you, that is a RELIEF! After a delicious (rich) and flavorful (bad for cancer patients) chicken parmesan dinner, those hiccups I mentioned yesterday led to sickness, which was not exactly the most pleasant experience, but that’s over now so no need to dwell on the past!

My doctor has recommended a diet more suitable to my current condition (bland), but for those of you who might be concerned over the fate of my exotic-cuisine-loving parents, do not be overly distraught! They are currently polishing off a bottle of wine along with the remains of the chicken parmesan while ranting to my brother on the phone about how it is probably the best chicken parm they’ve ever had. Poor folks. I’m just thankful they are able to eek by with me!

Another benefit I’ve found in this current setup is the stylish throwback to the 80s fashion statement of the fanny pack! I tried to deny it’s calling and go with the shoulder strap, but as the days have worn on I had to give into functionality and good looks and go with the classic look that lives in 80s lore!

Between the fanny pack and the Superman Snuggie, I’d say I’m pretty well set up!
One of the more productive things I did today was get all of my screens set up, so I am ready for work. Believe it or not, having nothing to do all day isn’t as fantastic as it sounds. I’ve been having some trouble with my laptop from work, so I am taking it into the New York office tomorrow afternoon after my morning appointments and getting it all fixed up so I can get back on the clock!

On a completely unrelated note, here is my piece of artwork for the evening. I designed this cross to be one continuous line in the celtic knotwork style. After drawing it out, I blew it up to a large size and cut it out of illustration board using an xacto knife. We calculated that it took 19 hours of straight cutting to finish that section of the project. I lost all feeling in the tip of my right pointer finger for 3 days.
It was worth it.

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6 Responses to Eating Tips & Fanny Packs

  1. Ross says:

    Tight cross. Still got that nocturnal landscape/continuous line drawing of the moon, stars, trees and (not sure) but I think there were a couple figures dancing in the foreground? That was classic.

    • Rob says:

      Thanks buddy. And Moon Country? Of course! Sitting right beside me in fact. That was a drawing of one of our first trips down to Hyatt’s ranch. Good times! Haha

  2. angela says:

    and you once told me “I’m not so good at cutting”… hmmmf.

    • Rob says:

      Hahahaha. I’m not so sure my finger had recovered from this project yet!
      Actually I’m not great at cutting out those pages. I grew to hate it so much that I went and bought a straight cutter to use on my school projects!

  3. Ashley Staker says:

    Hahaha busted! I remember that too! Good luck with this one, Rob : )

  4. Hope Smith says:

    Rob, Love the cross. Love your blog. Hate what you are going through. You are in my prayers. God is faithful. He who began a good work in you is faithful to complete it! You have a lot left to do for Him and I am excited to see what all it will be. Many Blessings to you! Hope

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