Tuesday… part deux

I woke up this afternoon to the rather pleasant (or unpleasant) news that it is now Wednesday and time to go get my preliminary radiation tests done. Assuming this must be some elaborate hoax, I check my phone to see what day it is, and sure enough, it is indeed Wednesday. Had this been a movie I’m sure I’d have 10 other devices on which to check the date, but sadly, in this life, I currently have only the trusty iphone. So, SOLD! Wednesday it is.

It’s an odd feeling, losing a day. Especially when there are various people saying “Oh, you’re looking much better than yesterday!” I’ve found that just saying “Feeling better too!” tends to do the trick, but what I’m really thinking is “Man, I must have looked like a train wreck yesterday!”

Another interesting thing that comes along with losing a day like yesterday is that a lot of big things happened! Apparently we have now officially moved out of the Hope Lodge and into our new apartment. My mom had eye surgery to keep her retina from detaching, and I had a doctor’s appointment in which they gave me the A-OK to keep things moving along!

Well, all’s turned out that ends well I suppose. Except for now I find myself wearing this ridiculous Superman snuggie (which is actually quite warm and delightful) and hiccuping like you have never seen, nor heard, before! Super hiccups from superman. How fitting.

Go chemo. Day 3. Hopefully I’ll remember a bit more of day 4!

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2 Responses to Tuesday… part deux

  1. Still thinking about and praying for you. It was good that you slept yesterday. I was sorry to hear about your mom’s surgery in the midst of this. I do love your Superman Snuggie.

    • Rob says:

      Thanks for the note Mrs. Parsons.
      My mom’s a trooper! I just couldn’t believe how fast it all happened! And all props go to Aunt Joan on that Snuggie. A stroke of genius I must say! Haha.

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