We went in for blood work again today and got some good news! Not only have my WBCs rebounded, they are at what I like to call Superman status. Before I started any of this, my counts were at a level of 7. Today they are at 21! So I am currently operating at 3 times my normal level of immunity. Go Neulasta! I guess all of those aches yesterday morning meant that it was finally kicking in in a serious way. We went out for a sushi dinner to celebrate.

After I had my blood work done, I met with my radiologist for the first time and went over everything that those treatments would entail. I am going in on December 1st for a final check on everything and will probably begin radiation on the 2nd. The treatments will be about 20 minutes per session, 5 days a week for approximately 25 days. They said I will probably start noticing effects after about 2 weeks, which will basically be like a sunburn. There is a very low chance (approximately 1%) of skin cancer developing down the line, so it’s not a huge risk, but it does exist. Also, the treated area will lose it’s hair, and the hair will never come back. So ladies, take note, if you ever get cancer, the leg is the place for it!

After going over everything, we went to the back and they had me lay down on a CT scan table where they made a mold that will be used to hold me in the same position for my radiation treatments. I had the nurse go grab my iphone and snap some pictures to show how it looks. I also got my first tattoo today. They tattoo’d 4 tiny dots on my leg that they will use to make sure I am perfectly lined up every day. Here are the pics!

How they have me lay with my legs in the mold

The X’s are done in marker. The tattoo dots went in the center of the X’s.

The mold


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2 Responses to Superman

  1. Peggy Redfern says:

    Glad to hear your WBCs are rebounding!! I’m glad you had the nurse shoot some photos.
    It’s very interesting to see. When I read the entry about losing your glove, I was SO relieved, there for a second I thought something scary was coming. Whew.
    Too bad the homeless guy took off and didn’t get the matching pair.

    Happy Thanksgiving Rob!

  2. the purple lady says:

    Sorry took a little longer than expected shopping for all the kids, but I heard it was good news. I’m so glad, you are amazing, the blog is totally amazing and I hope it will be helpful to many others, I will continue to promote it. I wish you and your family a wonderful x-mas, take it easy maybe the pain was from a little too much standing and walking during the parades. Lynette.

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