Hope Lodge

Today we moved into the Hope Lodge. It is a completely free resource provided by the American Cancer Society for cancer patients who have to spend an extended amount of time in the city. If I’d known New York could be this affordable I’d have gotten cancer years ago!

Our room at the Hope Lodge

Here is an excerpt from the American Cancer Society website, explaining the program: Hope Lodge NYC offers 61 comfortable guest suites, with access to communal kitchens, activity rooms, and services. All Hope Lodge services—lodging and support programs—are offered completely free of charge. Hope Lodge NYC is minutes away from some of the nation’s most reputable cancer centers. For many families, Hope Lodge means an opportunity to access specialized cancer treatments and clinical trials that may not be available closer to home.
Beyond free lodging, Hope Lodge New York City provides patients and caregivers with the support they need to navigate their cancer experience and renew their courage and strength. Guests are invited to participate in Look Good…Feel Better programs, special shared meals, yoga classes, and more. Kitchens, laundry facilities, and relaxing lounges are common areas where friendships frequently form.
The American Cancer Society partners with major cancer centers in New York City to identify patients with greatest need. Reservations requests are made through medical treatment providers. To find out more, call the American Cancer Society at 1.800.ACS.2345.

We are obviously incredibly grateful for this resource and have already signed up for our Swedish Massages on Sunday morning. I’m honestly not kidding about the massages.
But in all seriousness, this is such an incredible program and I feel fortunate that they are here to help ease some of the burden during this time.

Tonight we went over to Macy’s to look at their Christmas decorations. It was really cool! I took some photos, so click on the thumbnails below if you feel like checking them out!

Tomorrow I go in for blood work at 9am to see where my WBCs are right now. Hopefully they have rebounded a little bit because it’s pretty obnoxious trying to dodge people on the streets and having to be so germ-conscious. Not really a guy thing I don’t think.

And on a final note tonight, since I am posting pictures, here are 3 more I took when we first got up here to NYC. I took these around the 8th of November. Hope you like em!

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4 Responses to Hope Lodge

  1. Terry Redfearn says:

    Rob: I really appreciate your blog. You are really such a good writer. You are an inspiration to me. Just wanted you to know that I am tuned in and am praying for your full recovery. Our SS class is praying for you as well as our whole church. The following , I believe, is a God thing : Last Sunday while standing in the main lobby after church I saw this lady that I hardly know. I had this strong urge to go talk to her and ask her to pray for you. As we talked and I began telling her about your cancer she told me that she would be glad to pray for you explaning that she felt that her ministry was to pray for Cancer Patients and she would add you to her list. She was so happy I talked to her. May God bless and keep you during these troubled times.
    I will continue to stay tuned in. Thank you for giving us this channel of communications.

    • Rob says:

      Wow Terry, thank you so much and thanks for keeping those prayers spreading! That is an incredible story and I’m glad you shared it! I’m planning on cashing in half of these prayers for a victory in the family football pool this year, so watch out! Haha. I hope everything is going well with y’all! Stay in touch!

      • Terry Redfearn says:

        Maybe I should get the Church to praying for me on the Family Football Pool. Actually, if we could disqualify your dad(3rd), your girlfriend Ashley(2nd) and make it minimum age of 18 entry(jackson 1st, 9yrs old), we would have had a chance!!!
        This year I am going with gut, no research.

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