Hilarities of Hospital Living

Having now been living in the NYU Medical Center for 8 days, there are some funny things that I’ve started noticing happening to both me and my lifestyle. I am not going to comment on the fact that it has taken me this long to view them as weird; let’s just say that patterns can sometimes take time to develop.

First off, I have no sleep schedule. It might as well be perpetually daytime depending upon the shift workers. Their duties and responsibilities seem to be based around their 8(+) hours, and little else matters. As a patient in a 4-person room, the amount of activity constantly occurring around me is somewhat staggering. Common occurrences include, but are not limited to:

– 2:30am Roommate transfers with all lights on. Dual family entourage typically included. Today it is a Chinese family (larger group than normal)
–  4am blood pressure and weight checkups
–  5am blood pressure and weight checkups
–  5:30am bandage changes for my Russian roommate who must be in some kind of agonizing pain that I cannot and do not ever want to begin to fathom.
–  5:45am: thermometer checkup
–  7:00am: Draw blood. Often while I am still asleep. Today I think I woke up half way though.
– 7:45am: Russian roommate  finally passes out from the pain again and the whimpering subsides into a rhythmic moan.
-8:00am: Another weight and temperature checkup
-8:05am: Request my sleep-inducing anti-nausea drug
-8:30am: BREAKFAST!

Now, as a disclaimer, I can not be held to the exact time frames for each of these actions, due to the hectic nature of things constantly arising beyond my control. But I feel fairly confident that if you walked into my room at any point during the evening this accurately estimates the sequence of events that you would witness taking place.

On another note, my parents picked out a queen size bed for me for the new apartment today, and MAN, I can’t wait to test it out!!!

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4 Responses to Hilarities of Hospital Living

  1. Zona Trahan says:

    Rob, if you wouldn’t gain so much weight each hour they wouldn’t have to do so many weight checks. Must be the Halal!

  2. Lydia Ann Breedlove says:

    Semi colon after “weird”.

  3. Jackie Mann says:

    Dear Rob,
    Wanted to let you know that we are all praying for you and have complete faith that all that the doctors want to accomplish with the chemo will happen and that every single bad cell will be captured and removed in the upcoming surgery. God is in the middle of all this…and above, below, beside, in front and behind you!

    Fondly, Jackie and David Mann

  4. Michael Bacon says:

    Rob, I just found out about your diagnosis and read all your blogs. And I am glad I did! You are impressive my friend; maintaining your humor and positivity is a defining characteristic (please note correct use of semi-colon, Lydia). You’re almost out of there but keep the posts coming because you know I’m a worrier. That’s why my friends call me Whiskers. Oh, and let me know how long you are in NYC.

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