This is an actual picture of the stand

This post is dedicated to Halal food and hopefully a delicious Halal meal for lunch! (crossing fingers and calling parents.)

The best Halal food in the city is right across from the New York Hilton, on the corner of 53rd and 6 Ave. There is always a line. If there isn’t, start one, because you just got lucky.
You look around the city, and there are thousands of these Halal stands, but if you ask ANYONE, the best Halal food is from this stand. I asked one of my many Taxi drivers that had pointed it out to me, “What makes his stand the best?” And he told me, “God. God gave him luck.” Sounds like good authority to me.

So now that you know where it is, I guess I should tell you what to order once you get to the front of the line. You really can’t go wrong, but our order is a Combo platter of chicken and lamb with salad. The whole thing is served over a bed of rice. I get 2 white sauces to go with it, and if you use the red sauce go beyond sparingly with it, or you will be one of every other “oohhh, i can handle that” people who find out what hot really is!

And with that, HALAL!!!! Come on mom and dad….

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4 Responses to HALAL!

  1. Ashley staker says:

    Can’t wait to finally try it with you as soon as I’m up there :)

  2. Lee Anne Gregory says:

    Mmmmmm, I love halal food! Probably more than I should.

  3. Samantha says:

    Do NOT let your healthcare team know that you are eating street meat. (And now that I know, I am going to use the knowledge only for evil.)

    • Rob says:

      My healthcare team!?? They’re too busy with long meetings in the other section to worry about my eating habits or the critical errors that keep popping up on my med pumps! (This is obviously a joke. The care here has been incredible! Yall are all great!!!)

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