Here comes the sun

Taken with Jack on 7/4/2007

Day 7.
Final chemo bag being hung.
That makes a current total of 168 hours of chemo continuously dripping into my body. That’s a lot of toxins.

I am sitting here watching my final (Count em: 8!) chemo bag being hung and am excited that this will be the end of the first run. Not that this is overwhelmingly awful, not that I couldn’t take another week if I absolutely needed too. But MAN, am I ready to get out of here!

I have been sitting here in this bed, walking tiny laps around the ward and trying to make the most of this lockdown, but at some point this afternoon I just had an onset of some serious cabin fever. The chemo just kind of knocks you down a peg. You feel your energy wane and just don’t have that typical zip when you go to make a motion. Also, they give you this stuff to rinse out your mouth in order to prevent sores… Day 1, i’m thinking “huh, a little odd, but not ridiculous.” Today I almost threw up just smelling the vile, metallic liquid. I swear it is of the Devil. Of course if I get those mouth sores I’ll be claiming it is heaven sent and swilling the stuff by the gallon, but i’m hoping it doesn’t come to that.

After this next 24 hour drip I am done with the chemo and then just have one more day of followup meds to be administered. These take care of the aftermath of the chemo and give my insides one more good coating before they set me loose on the world for a week or two. 168 hours. Can’t wait for 192.


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3 Responses to Here comes the sun

  1. Anne Kenyon says:

    (Jack’s friend in Atlanta in case you don’t remember). Thanks for taking us through the first week. You’re amazing. All of us sit here thinking about you everyday – praying for you and your family – and YOU manage to make US feel better. Stay strong, enjoy NY and keep spreading the sunshine. PS: My contribution will be to convert from an Eagles fan to a Cowboys fan….just for you :D

    • Rob says:

      Great to hear from you Anne! Normally I would absolutely insist on the transition of NFL loyalties, but I have a feeling Michael Vick is going to help win me my fantasy football championship this year, so I guess you can hold off on that transfer until next year… Haha. Thank you for keeping me and my family in your thoughts and prayers and I hope everything is going well with you!!!


  2. Lydia Ann Breedlove says:

    Today’s Grammar = 100%

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