An Offer He Can’t Refuse

This morning I awoke with an offer I couldn’t refuse. What that offer was, I had no idea, but seeing myself covered in blood, I was willing to cut a deal.

Each morning they come in and take blood out of my medi port. No big deal. Unless you forget to recap it when you are done. I was literally 90% alseep when it was going on and wouldn’t have done anything different if i had been up, but to wake up a short while later with my gown and blankets soaked in a mixture of chemo and blood was quite the show starter! Bring back the chemo spill kit! Haha. I could forego any cup of coffeee for the rest of my life if i were just woken up each day with a healthy dose ¬†of my own blood on my sheets!

Poor (nurse not to be named). She just hasn’t caught a break on this run. Of course maybe I should have paid a bit more attention last night when she was saying how much she liked the TV show Dexter… Might have better prepared me for the impending bloodbath.

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9 Responses to An Offer He Can’t Refuse

  1. Joan Gregory says:

    We know how nice and charming you can be to nurses and doctors. Try not to distract them so you don’t have anymore accidents.

    Sleep well.

    Love you!!!

    (Aunt) Joan and MeMa

  2. Ashley staker says:

    That’s exactly what I told him!!! :) he’s making them forget how to do their job!

  3. Christie Woodfin says:

    Mercy, Rob! Your treatment seems destined to be excitement filled whether you are the one creating the excitement, watching it on ESPN (some game, huh?), or being the victim of it.
    Please know that we are keeping up with you and praying for you. And do give your momma and dad our love.
    No sounds of Scout today, so Cutler was speculating that Jack has her.
    Sleep well and uneventfully tonight.
    Christie and Cutler

    • Rob says:

      Thanks for the note Christie. And thank you for keeping us in your prayers. You’ll be seeing us back around the condo before you even know it! Take care of yourself and tell Cutler I said hello!

  4. deb shine says:

    Hey Rob
    Not being as savvy as most 4th graders, I did not realize that I could reach you via this blog. Just want you to know that we are following your progress and sending you all the prayers and support we can! Give your fam a big hug for us and please let me know if there is anything at all we can do for you.
    Keep up the good work! deb & jack shine (austin/shanghai)

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