dee075267f6bda1ce92182a465c00cd3On Monday I spent the day up at Procare (my prosthetist’s office) serving as a patient model for a new knee they were being certified on, called the Genium. Beyond just helping them get certified, I also had the opportunity to try out the new leg.

It was very cool. It made walking feel more natural than my C-Leg does and made things like walking up hill MUCH easier. My prosthetist and I are going to write a letter of justification to my insurance so hopefully they will approve it and I can upgrade to this new technology.

While I was there I started taking pictures for a photography series I am doing called “Amputee” where I am taking a series of documentary style pictures that show the various things you see living life as an amputee. Here are the shots I got the other day.







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2 Responses to Genium

  1. Jolie Gavin says:

    I am so grateful I found your blog. I found a lump just above my knee 4 years ago. It was a hard small mass, about the size of a pea. It felt like a little stone that was fixed to the top of my skin, but I could move freely around. I wanted to be sure it was nothing so I went to have it looked at and was told I was fine and that it was a lipoma. Since Lipoma are generally soft, and the mass I had was rock hard, I got a second opinion. I was told again, it was a lipoma and not to worry. So I didn’t. But every year I made sure my doctor checked it out just to be safe and every year while it was growing slightly in size, I was told it was nothing to be concerned with. In January of this year I once again asked my doctor to check it out because I was starting to experience pain near and on the mass which was now the size of a grape, but still movable and hard. She once again said it was nothing but to get it removed by a plastic surgeon since it is now causing me pain. Well I had my consultation with the surgeon in February. I could see the concern in her face. She even said it has to come out to get a diagnoses and that it did not have the characteristics of a lipoma. I get the lump on on April 11th and I am so scared. It’s been there for over 4 years! I don’t have a hard time breathing so thats all I am going on with it not spreading to the lungs. Was your mass moveable? Is there any advice you can offer me? I am terrified.

    • Rob says:

      Hey Jolie,
      A lot of what you are describing sounds similar to the situation I went through, but you have some things that are definitely going your way, so I wouldn’t freak out too much!

      It sounds like this mass is still pretty small and on the surface. Those are both good things! When they removed my tumor they said it was the size of a softball or grapefruit. It was also deep in my leg, pressing up against the bones and arteries. These are the reasons we decided to amputate. If it is on the surface, amputation usually isn’t the preferred course of action. Also, mine had been in my leg for 6 years without metastasizing. They continually told me it was just a calcified hematoma. It was hard as a rock and you could kind of move it around as well, but it was really deep, so not all that well compared to what you are describing.

      My number one piece of advice I can give you is to just try not to freak out! You are doing everything you can do right now, so take comfort in that. You are actively taking care of this lump, and you don’t even know if it is cancer yet. If it is cancer, you are just going to continue doing everything that you can possibly do to get it out of your system. If it isn’t cancer, then you have been worrying yourself unnecessarily! Either way, worrying does nothing but get in the way of your healing and prevents your body from taking care of itself. You only have the ability to do everything that is in your power. Leave the rest up to God and stay positive knowing that you are taking the proper steps to getting whatever this is out of your system!

      If you have any questions or would like to talk more, feel free to email me at!

      Take care!

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