Travel Team

I just wanted to make a quick update about something that I’m pretty excited about. I was informed last Thursday that I made the travel team for wheelchair basketball! Shepherd Center has 2 different teams, one is the championship division, which I am obviously not on, and the second team is the Division III (DIII) team. The Championship Division team has about 10 people on it and everyone else is DIII.

We have about 25 people on the DIII team, and only 3 of us started this year, with the next newest guy starting 3 years ago. We are only taking 10 people when we travel for tournaments because of cost. I wasn’t holding much hope for being included, seeing as this was my first year, but the coach talked to me the other day and asked if I could make it because he wanted me on the travel squad.

Needless to say, I was pretty excited! We are going down to Augusta on Friday night and have 3 games on Saturday. Should be an interesting way to start out my wheelchair basketball career, seeing as I’ve never played a single game, let alone three in one day!

I’m really happy I started doing this. It has been incredible getting out and being active again. I’ve missed the feeling of this type of competition and am happy to finally have it back in my life!

Wish me luck!

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