Causing a commotion

That’s right. I’m free. Free from the oppression of tubes and med poles and all those pesky poisons they keep pumping into my body. And I’ve showered too!

On my walk around the hallways, making yet one more of the tiny laps I make around here all day, I rounded a corner and smacked into a small desk/platform that had been lowered down from the wall. Not thinking anything about it I kept walking down the hallway and started talking to one of my nurses when all of a sudden i felt something dripping on my foot. I looked at one of my med lines and sure enough, there it was, cut clean through! Thinking it was the fluids I reached out and said “Hey, my fluid line broke,” only then to see that I was holding the severed chemo line… as it dumped all over my hands.

It was pandelerium!

Haha. Apparently chemo isn’t something you just mess around with. I mean, these nurses had to shut down the hallway and practically put on Hazmat suits before they could do anything. I talked to one of the nurses who has been on the floor for a year. They have never had a spill. And this spill was classified as “Large” because I walked it all the way down the hall.

Luckily no one was hurt and I took advantage of this time disconnected from my med pole to shower, shave and just get generally put back together. Now I’m just waiting on them to get the new chemo bag brought up from the lab and then I’ll be all hooked up to the ole ball and chain again. Never a dull moment in the NYU cancer ward! Haha.

Here are some photos I snapped of the aftermath of my bumbling around.

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10 Responses to Causing a commotion

  1. Daria says:

    Get well soon. There’s a booth at George’s waiting when you get back.

    • Rob says:

      Ohhhhhh, you should totally see if you could get a booth plaque dedicated. If so I would absolutely eat there on the day of my return. And possibly every one after. Haha. Hope you’re doing well Daria!

  2. Joan Gregory says:

    We have a friend that says “the Gregory family never has normal problems”. Way to go in keeping up the tradition!!!! Wasn’t it fun to be free for a few minutes. Just don’t let them confine you to the bed.

    Love, Joan

  3. susan wilson says:

    You evidently are the life of the party!!! I’m sure that your nurses and doctors will never forget you!! And hey, how bout thoses Falcolns last night!!! God be with you every step of the way!! Susan Wilson

  4. Brent Turnipseede says:

    Effing hilarious.

    • Rob says:

      Not nearly as hilarious as crustacean tattoos, but we all do what we must! You should totally come visit us in NYC at your first opportunity. I hear they have some decent restaurants up here…

  5. Rob
    I remember meeting you in Texas. My daughter, Emily, was a friend of Leeann. I am sorry to hear of your diagnosis but am heartened to hear of the great care you are receiving.

    My other daughter, Abigail, survived a large, malignant brain tumor when she was three. Her prognosis was less than 10%. She will graduate from college with her nursing degree this spring. I shall pray for the same marvelous outcome for you.

    I think you actually cut the chemo line so you could take a shower.

  6. Halley Terrill says:

    Rob you’re such a riot! I have a whole mess of people prayin for you in Lubbock, TX and in Atlanta! Stay strong we all love you!

  7. Jessica Jennings says:

    You are HIlarious! Your blog is a great distraction from work :)
    My family and friends are praying for you and yours–God’s presence is so evident in all of your postings and adventures–keep fighting, miss you!!
    Annnnd, it looks like you’ve got a direct line with the Big Guy these days…mind throwing in a good word for my Horns tonight?

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