Wheelchair Basketball Begins!

Shepherd Stealers first wheelchair basketball practice of the 2012 seasonTonight was my first wheelchair basketball practice. It was mainly administrative, but after we were done with the boring stuff I took part in a 5v5 game. I was the only new guy out there (I think the next newest guy had been playing for 3 years) and unfortunately it really showed! Haha. I had a few good plays including a couple of steals and a rebound that I put back up and made, but those were the lone bright spots in a lot of awkward attempts to not block my own players from getting in the right position or driving for the hoop!

I am definitely going to have to put in a lot of work to get better at this, but it was a whole lot of fun being out there and really being active for the first time since I had my amputation. I’m looking forward to a great season!

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