The Olympics

amputee olympics sports olympic ringsI love the Olympics. You spend 2 weeks watching all of the sports that you would normally never watch and cheer your country on to victory. It is such a cool global event and always brings out the best in the athletes who compete. The highs and lows you see at the Olympics are truly inspiring and incredible to watch.

Two of my favorite Olympic moments occurred in the 90’s. One was Kerri Strug in ’96 and the other was Derek Redmond in ’92. Both of these athletes overcame injury to finish their event and as a result inspired millions of people around the world. If you haven’t seen either of these, I’ve attached the videos of each below. This is what the Olympics are all about!

If you have any other favorite Olympic moments, please post them in the comments. I’d love to see them!

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4 Responses to The Olympics

  1. Paul Schroder says:

    Strug two years earlier than this had a bad fall from the uneven parallel bars and cracked two vertebrae in her back, They though she was done with gymnastics then.

  2. Zona says:

    Hi, I’m Zona and I’m an Olympiholic! Seriously, I am so sleep deprived in the 2 weeks of Olympics. Who knew they had something called team handball and where can I play? And those Single Canoe races – those people are fit!!!! My favorite Olympic moments (1) The Hockey semi-final match (you may be too young, but surely you saw the movie. watching that live is still one of my favorite sport moments). (2) Last summer, the comeback in the men’s swimming relay was amazing. (3) this year, watching Great Britian’s men’s gymnastic team win what they thought was a silver medal only to have it quickly become a bronze but they celebrated like it was the gold! That was awesome especially when you compare it to people who got silver and acted like they were horrible. Really??? Being the 2nd best in the world isn’t OK with you? How about the US Woman skeet shooter who, after going 99 of 100 to win her 4th gold said – I guess I have a goal for next time, I missed one! I LOVE the Olympics!!!

  3. Laura says:

    This story is pretty incredible (Dominique Moceanu) —

  4. Paul Schroder says:

    She had also fractured two vetrbrae two years earlier and was not expected to make the olympics.

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