Wheelchair Basketball

wheelchair basketball amputee atlanta shepherd centerThis morning I got up early before work and went down to the Shepherd Center and met with the sports director about their various programs. We discussed a number of things, but the main thing we talked about was wheelchair basketball. He is going to arrange a meeting for me with the captain of the team (a 2-time paralympian) in a couple of weeks and we are going to get together so he can show me the ropes. It’s still a couple of months away from the start of the season, but they are about to start putting their teams together, and I’m excited about the opportunity to play!

Wheelchair basketball is pretty cool. It’s generally run by NCAA rules, but with a few alterations to account for the wheelchairs. The way it works is that once you have the ball, you can only make two touches of your wheels before the ball has to hit the ground. If you touch your wheels a third time, it is traveling. Other than that it’s pretty standard basketball, just while sitting. Here’s a video I found of the Gold Medal round of the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games. It looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun!

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2 Responses to Wheelchair Basketball

  1. Paul Schroder says:

    I hope you have some fun with this, It looks hard don’t get hurt. Tell your brother to get off his butt and take you to KY in Sept. Your brother will know who I am, have you got your prosthesis back yet?

  2. Rob says:

    Haha, I’ll be sure and pass along the message! I am actually at my prosthetist right now working on that. I’ve had a test socket for the past week and it works pretty well, but is still kind of beating up my leg. We are making some changes and hopefully will be able to make a permanent socket soon! But even on a test socket, at least I am able to walk around. Makes a huge difference!

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