Ashley and I just got back from a 10 day trip down to Exuma, an island where my cousins live in the Bahamas, and man did we have a great time! Exuma is one of the last undeveloped islands in the Bahamas, and has a lot of charm for that fact. There is definitely not a lot to do there except hang out on the water, so if that isn’t your idea of a good time, then you should probably look elsewhere! I took this picture at a beach down on Little Exuma. Doesn’t get much prettier than that.

The water is the beautiful Caribbean blue and the aquatic animals are everywhere. The first afternoon we were there we were just kind of messing around and snorkeling around the area where our cousins keep their boat. Ashley stopped to adjust her mask and then all of a sudden let out a scream! I turned and there was a sea turtle quickly swimming away. It had come too close and given her a good scrape across the arm with the hook on the end of it’s flipper! We counted six sea turtles that hung around this dock area, and even got a picture of one biting my crutches! So cool.

I was also able to cross one of the items off my list since we went spear fishing several times. Spear fishing was a whole lot of fun. I like to refer to it as snorkeling with a deadly purpose. You use what is basically an underwater sling shot to shoot a spear through the fish. It is kind of hard to get close to the fish, but very rewarding when you get one!

Joel also took me out fishing for Tuna one night and we had an incredible time. We got into a school and followed it for miles, ending up with 7 black fin tuna in the boat. This is a picture Joel took of me holding up a few at the end.

As fun as fishing for tuna is, eating the freshest tuna I’ve ever had might have been even better! Joel filleted one of the fish for me when we got back and I had it for dinner that night and finished the rest for lunch the next day. It was seriously like velvet and melted in my mouth. I think Ashley might have gotten sick of hearing me talk about how amazing it was! Haha

We had an amazing time down there and definitely enjoyed getting out of the office for a while. Now that we’re back, I’ve started the process of working with my prosthetist again, so hopefully I’ll be able to start wearing a leg soon.

While it is hard to be back, at least we have the Fourth of July next week and will be able to get back to the beach for a few days then!

(Here is a picture of the deliciousness that was the fresh tuna!)

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