Back in the saddle — soon

My super awesome socket collection

As awesome as it is to be exclusively on crutches every day (not that awesome) I am ready to get back in my prosthesis. My leg still hurts a bit, but I feel like it is at a point that it will be ok in a prosthesis. So yesterday I decided to try to get back into my old prosthesis. The only problem was, the socket was way too small. Since I have been out of a socket for a long time, my leg has gotten a good deal larger.

So I back tracked and pulled out the next to last socket I had, attached it to the cleg and tried again. Still too small. I ended up going back through every socket I’ve had made, and all of them are too small for me now. It looks like we are starting over at square one. Oh well, if that’s what I have to do, that’s what I have to do! I want to get walking again as soon as possible and can’t wait to be back on my feet!

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