The Masters

Despite my initial reluctance to rent the scooter for getting around Augusta National, it ended up being great! I actually forgot the keys on Thursday and had to use my crutches, so we stayed up around the entrance by number 1 and the number 9 green. Even just walking those hills up there made me appreciate the scooter more when I had it the next day. We took off after the final group came through #9 on Thursday since we had 3 more days out there and might as well wait until we had the scooter to go down to the bottom half of the course.

The Handy Sticker came in useful as it always does, but it was especially awesome at Augusta. Normally you have to park a decent ways away and walk up a big hill, but with the handicap sticker we were able to get right up next to the entrance. Even better than the location though was how easy it was to get out! Parked down in the normal lots traffic locks you in for a good hour+ after each round. We never had any traffic leaving the handicap lot though!

The final awesome benefit of being handicapped at the Masters is that they have some great handicap sections blocked off for people on scooters. On friday we sat at Amen Corner, and then on Saturday and Sunday we sat on hole 15. The section at 15 was absolutely incredible. We were against the ropes, right next to the green. Here is a picture I took when I looked back over the TV footage. My brother Jack is the one on the right side of the screen in the bucket hat, front and center on TV as the leaders came through!

As always we had an absolutely incredible time down there. It is such a fun event, made even more fun by being able to spend it with our family. Sunday is always so bittersweet because the action is so intense that you can’t wait to see what happens next, but you also know that it is quickly coming to an end and you have to wait another year to do it again!

And if you missed the double eagle, you should go to the Masters website and check it out. I’ve never heard a roar like that at the Masters before and doubt I ever will again, until someone else does it anyway!

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