Final Words

jarret wade says:
Sounds good man, we’ve been pretty mild as far as the temps go up here. We wont see snow (if we see any) until late Jan/Feb. Glad you’re out and about bro.

This is the last I heard from Jaret. He died Saturday. I can’t claim to have known him, yet he and I spoke quite a bit. We talked about God and faith and what this life ultimately meant. Mortality and health. Topics that people our age don’t tend to discuss.

I heard that Jarret died on Saturday and have had a hard time getting my mind on much else. I’ve spent several days Googling his name and thinking about our conversations. Death is so final, and yet it seems like such a minute step.

For some reason I feel such a sense of peace when I think of Jarret. When I was done with my treatment I remember emailing with him and he was saying how I had things so much worse than he did. I said he was crazy. He disagreed because I had just lost my leg and he couldn’t imagine going through something like that. I guess we all see the struggles of others as something worse than what we are dealing with ourselves.

My conversations with Jarret have been a blessing in my life. He told me that the messages I conveyed to him were God-sent, but he never realized what his conversations meant to me. I pray for Jarret’s family and girlfriend.

I don’t pray for Jarret because I know exactly where he is.


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3 Responses to Final Words

  1. Jim Gregory says:

    Rob, thanks for writing this tribute to Jarret. What an astounding young man he was. His courage and optimism based on his faith were an inspiration to all of us who got to “know” him through his blog and yours. Thank you for introducing him to us. I agree with you….Jarret does not need our prayers…..Jarret is secure, cancer free, pain free, and in the presence of the Lord! I join you in praying for his family and for those who loved him…and there are many! What a blessing for so many his short life was!

    Love you bud… Dad

  2. Joan Gregory says:


    I had been writing Jarret some. He was amazed at the support that you have. He wrote me like he had known me forever. I will miss the correspondence with him. We know he is in a better place.


  3. Robley Shirey says:

    Rob –

    When I saw your mom in December, we talked about Jarret. And even though I never met him except through your writings as well as his, he certainly made his mark on all of us with his faith and his outlook. He will be one of those people that all will look back at and realize that they are richer for having had him cross their path either in person or through his blog. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to “know” this young man.

    Fondly – Robley Shirey

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