As I logged in to update my blog just now, I saw that this is my 101st post. So much has happened since this blog started, it is hard to believe it was just barely over a year ago. This time last year, I was finishing up my radiation and was just about to start my 3rd round of chemo. I spent those days in a constant state of exhaustion and we celebrated New Years Eve in our apartment on 56th and 2nd. I was so worn down from the chemo that I couldn’t even keep my head up to look through the camera and take pictures of the fireworks.

I am so thankful for my family and their support through all of this. They have helped me so much and encouraged me throughout everything. Today is just one more example of that. This morning when I woke up, the first thing I heard was LeeAnne yelling upstairs asking me if I wanted to go horseback riding. One thing I love about being in the south is having great weather over our holidays! I always hear people say they want it to be cold on Christmas, but I couldn’t feel more opposed to that sentiment. I like to be able to get outside and enjoy the days I have off from work! So today we went riding.

LeeAnne has been riding for a long time, and she is very good. This was the first time I have sat on a horse since I rode one of my aunt’s horses when I was a kid. It was a lot of fun! I can see why LeeAnne likes it so much. You are out in beautiful country, running around the hills with these incredible animals. It was a great way to spend the afternoon to say the least!

LeeAnne’s instructor is named Bob and he is a great guy. He told me that he had been thinking about how he was going to have me get on and off the horse since my mom called him the other day. He said he had an idea, but really we’d just play it by ear and see how things seemed to go. I laughed and said that that is pretty much how I live these days. I couldn’t tell you how I am going to do most things before I do them, I just get out there and give it a shot!

He had me get in the bed of his truck and led the horse up next to me. I just stepped up to the edge and threw my right leg (what little there is of it…) over the horse. Very easily done! The horse he had me ride was named Pepper and he joked that it was LeeAnne’s favorite. Pepper is the gentlest horse they have out there, and is clearly not up to LeeAnne’s style of riding. Bob explained that LeeAnne likes to ride hard, and Pepper just isn’t enough horse for her.

He led the way around the property and Pepper, being the easily ridden horse that she is, just followed Bob wherever he went and at whatever speed he chose to go. All I really had to do was steer and avoid running into trees, but it was a lot of fun! At the end we went back and LeeAnne did a couple of runs around the barrels. As I said, she is very good and it was fun watching her ride. She also took all of the pictures I have included in this post. I LOVE the one at the top. Definitely the shot of the day!

It was definitely a great way to spend the 3rd day after Christmas! My parents are currently downstairs preparing a big steak dinner for us, so I’m going to wrap this up and go hang out with the family. I hope everyone is enjoying the end of the year as much as I am!

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2 Responses to Hopalong

  1. jarret wade says:

    Sounds good man, we’ve been pretty mild as far as the temps go up here. We wont see snow (if we see any) until late Jan/Feb. Glad you’re out and about bro.


  2. Zona Trahan says:

    Rob, I haven’t checked your blog in a long time because it seemed you had stopped updating. However, you have been on my mind for about a week and 2 nights ago I had a very specific dream. I decided I had to somehow find out how you were so I started with the blog. I’m happy to see you updating again. I loved your comments on Courage. I have often used you in conversation as an example of Faith, but I think courage fits as well. Your example as a positive attitude would be a wonderful lesson for any class so I hope you do speak to them! But back to my dream. I wasn’t aware of the nerve bundle and the pain until I read tonight, but my dream was very specific to pain and it’s constraint in your “to do” list. The dream was just too odd to explain, but I’m glad it led me here. I now know that a very specific prayer is in order for you.

    I have a disorder called AIP (acute insensitivity to pain). Most people who have the pain insensitivity have the congenital form (something they are born with), my was a result of an intense pain my body had to deal with when I was young. While it has it’s bad side (I may not know when I’m seriously injured), for the most part it is a rather pleasant disorder to have – at least as disorders go. As an example, when I broke my ankle I only knew because I heard it and could not walk, I didn’t fell any pain. I tell you this only to say that the mind is an amazing tool and if medicine can’t find a way to relieve that pain, I’m going to pray that your brain will do it quickly!

    Happy New Year Rob!

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