Earlier this week my aunt told me that a friend of hers is a teacher and would like me to come speak to her students about courage. Surprised by the request, I told her that I wouldn’t know what to say on the subject. Then at church on Sunday several people came up to me and said that they had followed my blog and admired the courage I showed this past year. I thanked them, and again, was surprised that courage was the trait they picked out. It got me thinking about courage and wondering why that is what they saw.

It occurred to me that what they saw as courage, I saw as faith. Faith that God was using me for a greater purpose and molding me into the man I am ultimately supposed to be.

I remember laying in bed praying that first night in the Hope Lodge. I had just finished my first round of chemo and my hair was starting to fall out. I remember asking God to use me as He saw fit and accepting that that may involve sacrificing my leg. As soon as I said that and truly felt it in my heart, a tremendous sense of peace came over me. The entire situation was suddenly turned on its head as I thanked God for this life and all the many gifts he has provided, including this challenge He just laid in front of me. It was no longer about me, it was about how God was going to use me for His ultimate glory.

With this understanding, I don’t know that a public school would necessarily want me to come and talk about courage. It has never been about courage. It’s about faith.

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4 Responses to Courage

  1. Peggy Redfern says:

    Beautifully said!

    I think that would be a perfect message for students to hear.

  2. Well-said, my courageous and faithful son! For those of us who were alongside, “helping” you go through the various rounds of chemo, radiation, hospitalizations, surgery, etc., you absolutely demonstrated courage and, certainly, your faith.. I suppose if we ever allowed ourselves, we could shiver in fear most every day, not knowing what the future holds. You never wavered in your conviction that God was carrying you through the ordeal, whatever the outcome. That is something that must be realized every day!

  3. Josh Yieh says:

    Rob, you are definitely an inspiration to others. Although I, myself, have never gone through the tribulations you have faced, I absolutely admire the character you have shown throughout the ups and downs. The way you have handled yourself since Day 1 has been a reflection of your relationship with God – I’m proud to say that you are not only a friend and a brother but a role model.


  4. Betsy James Lampley says:


    It is your faith that gave you the courage to go through surviving sarcoma. They go hand in hand. Certainly you showed courage. Certainly it was your faith that enabled you to be courageous. Talk to the kids about faith and courage… how they interact with one another. Blessings

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