The Handy Sticker

On Monday I had my first followup scan of my lungs and the results came back completely clear! Every three months we will do a CT Scan of my lungs to make sure that the cancer has not returned and metastasized (spread). Sarcomas tend to jump to the lungs when they return, so that is where we watch. Needless to say, this was great news!

This is the second scan that I have found to be a little bit nerve racking. The first one was around Christmas. We had done 2 rounds of chemo and yet my leg hadn’t shown any difference in size. Dr. Rosen said he’d never seen anything like it and rushed me in to get a PET Scan. It turned out that the space was just filling with fluid as we killed the tumor, but waiting on the results put us all a little on edge to say the least! This time was a bit nerve racking because they had noted a spot in my right lung when we took my last scan, at the end of my treatment. Dr. Rosen said he was confident that it was just a convergence of blood vessels, but that the followup scan would tell us for sure. I wasn’t beside myself with worry, but I definitely said a few prayers before going in!

Once again, we are fortunate to have such a great doctor in Dr. Lacayo. The nurse that took my scan told me that it would probably take two days for my doctor to call me with the results. Emilio called me 3 hours later. Great news, although they did find a 4mm kidney stone! Dr. Lacayo said that he thinks it was probably caused by the chemo and the various drugs that they have had me on. We are going to talk to a urologist and hopefully we can take care of it surgically… I’ve heard bad things about passing a stone that large!

One of the things I have actually enjoyed since losing my leg has been the handicap sticker. Our family calls it the “Handy” sticker. Granted, I need it because my leg hurts bad enough that walking long distances is very painful, but I love getting great parking, and now I have a reserved spot everywhere I go!

The funny part about this is that when I am driving I don’t look like I have anything wrong since you can only see from my chest up. As a result, I get stared down by people as I pull into my spot. Yesterday I went to Publix (the main grocery store here in Georgia) and pulled into the handicap spot up by the door. There were four people about my age walking out of the store. As I pulled in I saw one of them say something and they all looked over and started staring at me. They craned around and glared at me until I stepped out of the car and they saw my leg. They quickly turned around and continued walking to their car, but not before I had a good laugh! This happens a good bit, but that time was especially obvious.

This same situation has happened to my aunt Joan before. She has very bad arthritis and has had a handicap card for as long as I can remember. One time someone came up to her and yelled at her for using a handicap spot because they didn’t think she looked like she had anything wrong her. Sometimes it is best for people to just mind their own business. Just because someone’s handicap isn’t readily apparent doesn’t mean they don’t have something wrong!

On another topic, I am getting my new socket on Friday! I have spent the past two Fridays in my prosthetist’s office working on it, and I am excited to finally have it done! Last week we worked from 9am until 7:30pm. It is a suction socket and the test socket seems to be MUCH more comfortable than my current socket. I have high hopes that it will make a big difference. Hopefully this will allow me to start exercising and pushing myself harder too, without the pain that I currently deal with. I guess we’ll see on Friday!

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3 Responses to The Handy Sticker

  1. Peggy Redfern says:

    Love hearing the scan results, that’s great news. And I hope your new socket will work well for you. That C-leg is so cool!!

  2. Bob and Paula Parris says:

    Great news on the scan, and we’ll be praying that the new socket will work out wonderfully.

  3. angela says:

    my dad has had both hips replaced so he has the handicap sticker too. He doesn’t look like anything is wrong with him so he gets the same treatment. I do like when we’re with him and get to park up front! It was especially nice last month at SeaWorld to not have to park a mile away in the boiling sun.

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