Memorial Day

Yesterday was Memorial Day, and we could not have asked for a more beautiful day to commemorate those who have served our country. As my dad said at dinner last night, Memorial Day really is a cool holiday. People spend time with family, eating good food and celebrating the freedoms that people have fought so hard to protect.

We started our activities by going to Shake Shack around noon. Memorial Day is one of the few days of the year that the Upper West Side location serves corn dogs. We’d heard about these corn dogs from people and also seen them on a Food Network show so we figured we would try them out since we were up here on a day they were available. They fit in where most of the Shake Shack offerings are with me… they were ok. I don’t really get the craze that surrounds Shake Shack. It is good, but not great. With the lines the way they are, you expect it to be out of this world, and like I said, it is good… I just don’t think I would stand in a long line for it again, unless it was a beautiful day and I just felt like standing outside in a park.

After Shake Shack we walked to the 72nd and Broadway entrance to the 1, 2, 3 Subway line. Since my prosthesis socket has gotten to be way too large for my rapidly shrinking leg I just went around on crutches yesterday. We got on the express line heading down to the Financial District. We decided to go see some of the parks along the water down there since it was such a beautiful day. The subway car was very crowded when we got on and there wasn’t anywhere to sit, so I grabbed onto one of the bars, used a crutch for support on the other side and held on… It was a lot harder than I expected! Every decent sized jolt made it feel like I was going to lose my balance. LeeAnne grabbed onto my shoulder which helped and we made it to the next stop where people got off and we were able to grab a seat.

We got off the Subway at Chambers Street and walked about a half mile west, over to the parks that line the Hudson. Along the way we stopped for a minute and watched a half inning of a little league baseball game. It definitely brought back some memories! As we watched, a man walked by the park, walking his 3-legged dog. The dog had his back leg squared underneath his body and was still able to move pretty well, if not a little bit slower. It just seemed happy to be out on such a beautiful day, as were we all!

We continued on to the park after that. It was a hot day and those shade-covered benches and the cool breeze coming off the water were life savers! If you ever want a great upper body workout, making your way around the city on forearm crutches can definitely fit the bill. The hardest part is the pressure that you put on your hands. My pinky and ring fingers on both hands are still numb today because of the way the handles press into the nerves. We sat on the benches for a while, next to a duck pond, watching the boats out on the river. We couldn’t have asked for a nicer day.

After relaxing for a bit we got up and started making our way down towards the World Financial Center Plaza. There is a harbor there with some enormous yachts. The plaza is also very cool. There are bars and restaurants with big seating areas outside. It was jammed yesterday too. As we were walking over there I stopped and took a video of this guy roller blading down by the water. Pretty impressive throwback to the 90’s!

We (and by “we” I mean “I”) were pretty exhausted by this point, so we grabbed a cab back to the apartment. We went up to the roof and read some books and got some sun for a little bit before coming back down and showering to get ready for our delicious Memorial Day dinner! We, along with the rest of America, had ribs that were prepared in the oven this year, using a new recipe. Being in NYC and not having access to a grill has forced my dad to adapt his cooking methods, but he has done pretty well with the adjustment!

That pretty much wrapped up our Memorial Day! I hope that everyone enjoyed their Memorial Day as thoroughly as we did, and are having a great start to the short week!

(Tomorrow I have a minor outpatient surgery to have my mediport removed at 9am and will hopefully be getting my new prosthesis socket by the end of the week!)

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2 Responses to Memorial Day

  1. janie redfearn morris says:

    Hope your outpatient went well yesterday. So glad that you all had a good Memorial Day. Cole was able to drive down from Fort Lee for the weekend. It was great having him. He’ll be home in about another week or so for about two weeks leave before reporting to Fort Bragg for his permanent home base. Hope we all
    get a chance to see you soon! Love to you all.

  2. Norma Dagley says:

    Wow, Rob, I’m so impressed that you are getting out and doing so much on your crutches!! Everything you did sounds tiring to me and I don’t have crutches!! But then, I do have a few years on you!! You wouldn’t believe what the West U Little Field looks like now. The dugout is a two story brick building!! The fields look pretty much the same except the t-ball dugouts are improved. Still the same emotions though with the parents and the kids in their uniforms and just the general home town America feeling that Little League gives you!! Your Dad is right, Memorial Day is a great holiday!!

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