Now Entering the 21st Century

Recently I have been getting back into my regular habit of reading about emerging technologies and trends, and have also been working on a few side projects to get my mind sharp and ready to return to work. Reading about emerging technologies always gets me excited and spurs me to start messing around with some projects of my own that are aimed at sharpening my skills and learning as much as I can. This time it has also led me to make a few little updates to my blog to finally bring it into the 21st century!

These are just a couple of minor updates, but I figured I would point them out anyway. The first is that I have set up automatic email alerts that will notify you when I have added a new post. If you go up to the link in the header bar, there is now a tab that says “Email Alerts.” If you enter your email information there then you will be automatically alerted whenever there is a new post. I don’t know if anyone has the desire to actually know how often I post, but just in case you do, there is now that option! Haha.

The second addition that I have made is that there are now buttons at the bottom of each post that allow you to email blog posts to friends or share them on Facebook and Twitter. I honestly just added this because I wanted to know how you set something like that up, but again, if anyone ever has the desire to utilize that feature, it is now there!

On Saturday I met some people that I went to grad school with at The Stag’s Head for dinner and a few beers. I mentioned that my family had stopped in at The Stag’s Head for a beer before dinner in my last post and I was eager to try it again. I was really hoping to get the same Ithaca Nut Brown beer that I had last Saturday and figured I would have a good shot since it was only a week ago, but as advertised they truly do keep a revolving craft beer selection on tap and the Ithaca Nut Brown was no longer available. Forced variety is not necessarily a bad thing, and I had a good Lager and Irish Red this time around. I still think the Ithaca Nut Brown might have been the best of the bunch though!

On Sunday we went to 5th Avenue Presbyterian and heard a good sermon discussing all the speculation around the Rapture that Harold E. Camping had been predicting was supposed to occur on Saturday. It was a good sermon and I like Scott’s blog post explaining the background of this rapture prediction. If you want to check it out, just click on this link. As always, Scott was very warm when we spoke to him after the sermon. I’m pretty sure my mom had tears in her eyes when we walked out after speaking to him.

We met up with some of my parent’s friends from college and their 3 daughters for dinner on Sunday night. We went to a great Greek restaurant in Midtown called Milos and had a lot of fun and a great dinner. Everyone got the Sea Bass, so I broke the trend and ordered the lamb chops. They were out of this world! The restaurant was excellent and was well designed. It was a fun way to end a nice Sunday, even if the weather is still rainy and nasty.

We met with Ryan yesterday about my new socket, and seem to be making progress despite the fact that my leg is still changing size so much. It is literally like trying to hit a moving target. We take measurements one day and the next day those measurements are rendered useless because my leg is now 2 inches skinnier. It is frustrating, but it is the nature of dealing with a leg shortly after amputation, so I’m just rolling with it and hoping we can get a decent enough fit so that I can get back to Atlanta and start working on it for a bit before needing another one!

I am scheduled to get my mediport removed from my chest on June 1, and will try to head back to Georgia as soon as that is done. I have some things to take care of there before I start work again, like getting a car outfitted with a left foot accelerator, beginning outpatient rehab, and establishing a relationship with a prosthetist in Atlanta, etc, etc. So I need to get back there and get things moving so that I can get all of that out of the way and get back to work! I am hoping to be back in the office before the start of July, but we’ll see how everything goes once I get back to Atlanta. I think that seems like a realistic goal though!

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3 Responses to Now Entering the 21st Century

  1. peggy redfern says:

    Enjoyed reading this post. I will sign up for the email alert option.

    July sounds like a great plan for returning to work. I bet you’ll be glad to get
    the mediport removed and start heading toward La Guardia!

  2. Maria Garza-Lennon says:

    Hi, Rob. It is so heartwarming to hear you making plans for returning to Atlanta and the new life that you will design and thrive in. You have experienced so much, learned so many new things, met so many different people that you are probably a whole different person than the one who left Atlanta last fall. And, yet, it will be so nice for you to return “home” and reconnect with the people and places you miss. As Garrison Keillor says, “Be well. Do good work. And stay in touch!” :-)

  3. I enjoy reading your posts. I am amazed at the progress you are making. Keep up the good work and that amazing attitude of yours. Have you considered a book (which you are already in the process of writing)? You can give a lot of people Hope.

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