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The Metropolitan Museum of Art

My final day as an inpatient at Rusk was last Friday. I had a week and a half of practice on the new leg in a controlled environment, and it was finally time to cut loose! Also, my brother Jack arrived Friday night so I asked to be let out Friday morning so I could spend the few days he was in town at the apartment rather than cooped up in the hospital!

Jack’s arrival was greeted with a rainy Friday afternoon. The entire week prior had been absolutely beautiful spring weather; a little crisp to the air and lots of sun! He didn’t get to see any of that though, it rained throughout his entire trip. It was still great having him here though and I’m glad that he got to visit before we left the city!

On Saturday morning we got up and I worked on some stairs. We have reduced the friction in my knee a lot so I am able to go down them much faster now (I might even have Ryan loosen it up some more). Here is a video we took on Saturday morning of me going down the stairs. I get better at this every day, so this is already out dated, but as you can see, it is exponentially better than the day 5 video!

We started messing around with the idea of going up the stairs, step over step. The leg isn’t designed to do this, as I have since been told by some Otto Bock (the manufacturer of the C-Leg) representatives, but it is possible. They said that the people that I have seen doing it on YouTube¬†have obviously been on their legs for years and years to which I replied, “Yeah, so how much cooler would it be if I could figure it out in just a few weeks??” They laughed and we changed subjects

Henry VIII Armor

After we worked on going up the stairs (which is pretty hard and quite a workout) we all showered and went to the MET for the day. What an incredible museum! The socket on my prosthesis isn’t fitting perfectly yet due to the fact that we are still so close to my surgery and my leg rapidly fluctuates in size, so I went out on the crutches and used a wheelchair at the museum. We had a great time and saw some incredible art work. And I’ve got to say, getting to kick back and be pushed around in a chair wasn’t a bad way to see it either! Whenever we wanted to do something where the chair wouldn’t work I would just hop up and use my crutches, so we weren’t limited at all, and I didn’t kill myself trying to go around that massive museum all day on foot.

After the museum we went out for some Indian food at Amma, one of my parents favorite Indian restaurants that they have been to up here. We arrived early for our reservation so we went into a bar next door called The Stag’s Head which turned out to be a great stop.

The Stag’s Head is a bar on 51st and 2nd Ave that specializes in craft beers. They only have American craft beers on tap and also specialize in canned beers. It was a pretty cool spot and one that I’d like to hit up again before I leave town. We all had a beer and then went next door for a delicious dinner. The Indian food was absolutely incredible, even if LeeAnne momentarily blacked out from how spicy one of the lamb dishes was! We had a good time and it was nice having the entire family together.

The next day we went and saw Catch Me If You Can on Broadway. They did a good job converting it into a musical and it was a lot of fun. We had seats in the balcony, but were the only ones in our little section of the row (there were six seats, but no one bought the single) so I didn’t have to worry about climbing over anyone while using my crutches. I had to go up some pretty steep stairs, and they were the longest flight of stairs I have been on, but it wasn’t a problem.

After the play we decided to walk back to the apartment. It was kind of a messy day, drizzling off and on, but the crisp air felt good and I just wanted to see if I could do it. The walk was just under a mile and a half, by far the furthest I have gone on the crutches. It was a pretty good workout!

On Monday I had a preliminary evaluation for my outpatient physical therapy which I began this week. I am going Tuesdays and Thursdays while I am still up here, and will do it until I head back to Atlanta. We are working on balance exercises, proper gait techniques, weight bearing on the prosthesis, etc.

On Monday night we went out for yakitori at a restaurant named Tori Shin, in between 64th and 65th on 1st Ave. Yakitori is something that we all fell in love with when my parents lived in Tokyo. It is basically grilled skewers of food, mainly chicken. We did the chef’s tasting menu, and it did not disappoint. It reminded us all of Japan too, which is always a good thing!
Jack left Tuesday night and I have just been doing outpatient physical therapy since then. Tuesday afternoon before he left we went to Lombardi’s pizza at Spring and Mott, and it was probably the best pizza we have had since we have been up here. It claims to be the first pizzeria, and whether that is true or not, their pizza is definitely worth trying. It is right around the corner from Peasant, the restaurant we went to for Mothers Day. Peasant is a traditional country Italian restaurant where everything is prepared in brick ovens. If you go, get the suckling pig. It is amazing.

OK! There is my 2011 restaurant review of New York City! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Time to go work out some more! Haha.

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  1. Zona Trahan says:

    Rob, it would be so great if you were to make a list of all the great places you have eaten in NYC. Of course I could just reread all your posts but I’m working hard to keep that IBM stock up! I must say, Stags Head is one of my favorites too and I go any time I am in the city.

    So happy your progress continues …. I look forward to seeing you at the top of the stairs with no crutches!

  2. Peggy Guthrie says:

    I learn so much reading your blog! Love your connecting sites and photos. I see a book in the making. I celebrate your every success in meeting the challenges of making your new leg work for you. Can’t wait to see you at Wrightsville Beach this summer.

  3. peggy redfern says:

    Loved catching up with this entry. It made me hungry!

    Hurry home, Rob.

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