And the Winner is…

After my surgery on February 24th, I was laid up for a little while and decided that it would be funny to alter the header image on the blog. I decided that I wouldn’t mention it and just wait and see who the first person to notice and say something would be. The only people who knew were my immediate family, Ashley, Joan and Mema. Well now, almost 2 months later we finally have a winner!!! I honestly wasn’t sure anyone would ever pick up on it, since it was such a subtle change, but the winner is my Cousin Peggy! Peggy has been an art director for a long time and I was really happy that she was the one to notice the change. How fitting that another art director would be the one to finally call it out! Haha. As you can see in the image to the right, I actually altered the superhero image so that his right leg was removed above the knee to mirror my surgery. At the time I thought it was hilarious. Maybe that was due to all the pain killers I was on. Haha. Either way, Peggy is the winner of the most observant award! Go Art Director Go!

I was supposed to start my sixth round of chemo today, but my platelets were still too low when I went in and had blood work done this morning. I need my platelets to be at 120 and they were at 74. We’re going to try again on Monday and hopefully they will be high enough that we can get this round going! There isn’t anything I can do to get them to rise at this point other than rest. They are too high for a transfusion, but too low to start chemo. Unfortunately we just have to wait until my body is ready. Hopefully it will be soon!

I also might be going in for the initial fitting of my new leg on Monday. We will see how the chemo stuff goes and then try to get in to see my prosthetist if possible, because they called today and were trying to get us on the schedule. I feel like that is something that most people don’t understand about dealing with all of this, and something that I truly did not understand until actually living through this process. Your schedule literally fluctuates on an hourly basis and you have no idea what is going to come up or what you can commit to more than a day out. Usually you can’t even commit to something the following day. You literally have to make your plans once you figure out how things are looking each morning. It is kind of a crazy way to live and hard to explain to people who want to put you on their schedule or make a plan to visit, but that’s the reality of dealing with something like this. It all just depends on your blood counts and how your body is reacting to everything you are putting it through!

Now for a few things devoid of any and all seriousness:

This is a funny video that LeeAnne sent me, showing Anderson Cooper ranting about the ridiculousness of what people pay Snooki, the girl from Jersey Shore. I had no idea she made so much money!

When discussing the benefits of chemo for rapid weight loss with my friend Rachel yesterday, she showed me this comic, which I found really funny!

And on a final note, I was messing around on Adobe Illustrator the other day and decided I wanted to teach myself how to make 8bit images. So I found an image of Papa Smurf and recreated it in the 8bit style. I thought the result was pretty cool. Hope you enjoy!

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5 Responses to And the Winner is…

  1. Joan Gregory says:

    Hey Rob,
    Actually, we may have had two winners. Brooke Seitter had noticed it but didn’t tell us.

    I will be praying your platelets get much better so you can get back to Atlanta.

    Love you,

  2. Carol Hoover says:

    My question is, will Superman get C-Leg????

    The highlight of my week…I got to meet Peggy! She came to see Joan in the hosp while I was there. Brought the loveliest bouquet of flowers from her yard! She is absolutely delightful and it made Joan and Fanester’s day. I’ve read her comments here on the blog so often, it was like meeting a movie star!

    We will be praying for the count to go up so you can come home SOON!
    Love to you and all yours,

  3. peggy redfern says:

    Carol, you’re so funny! It was great meeting you as well.

    I bet there are several other people who’ve noticed Superman’s leg.
    Carol’s right, he needs a C-leg!

  4. Zona Trahan says:

    I can honestly say I have never prayed for someone to get Chemo but here goes … up white blood cells up, this man wants his Chemo. And I hate bacne!!!!

  5. Maria Garza-Lennon says:

    I hate to admit that I’m also looking forward to seeing the C-leg in action. Sort of like RoboCop! :-) It’s always great to get an update, Rob. It reassures us that you are making progress even if it’s not at the pace you desire. Your platelets will be up soon – when your body is ready to handle the add’l chemo – and then it will be full steam ahead. You are soooooooo close to being done with this phase of your journey and that has got to be so exciting. We’ll be praying for a receptive body and a productive chemo session that will accelerate you to full recovery. Happy Easter to you and your family – it is indeed a sacred time for us believers.

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